T-90 vs. TOW. The second series | Colonel Cassad


There’s another video in the style of “T-90 vs TOW”.

The video shows the start of the TOW, getting into tanks T-90 (who was driving the tank impossible to determine) and the machine is damaged after hitting a shot from the air.


The Tank was struck about 2.5 kilometers away from Khan-Mist, which recently the militants recaptured from the SAA.

To assess the consequences for the machine, of course it would be nice to see pictures up close as it was with the previous case with T-90 (where damage was insignificant), or with the Turkish M-60. The key question was whether or pierced body all limited to external damage.

Regarding the crew, the Twitter of Ivan Sidorenko took a picture with the T-90 at Aleppo belonging to the brigade of Shiite volunteers from Iraq “the brigade of Imam Ali”.

The team of al-Imam Ali (also the Battalions of al-Imam Ali) — the Iraqi Shiite militia, formed in June 2014 as the armed wing of Harakat al-Iraq al-Islamiyya (Movement of the Islamic Iraq). The purpose of the organization is to fight against terrorists “Islamic state”. Is part of the organization, the Shiite militia of the people’s mobilization forces.

It is worth remembering that the Shiite militia of Iraq are supported by Iran, so that the machine in such formations are likely to fall through Iranian allies. Modern tanks have such militias are not uncommon. The fall in Hezbollah in combat formations flashed the American Abrams, which fell into the hands “of the Kataib Hezbolla” from the hands of the Iraqi army.

So, the appearance of relatively new tanks in the hands of semi-regular groups is hardly unusual.

The machine itself was damaged most likely during unsuccessful fighting SAA in Khan tuman, where the army has lost 45 men killed and 11 units of armored vehicles.

Against the background of recent setbacks in battles with green, CAA played on the Caliphate in the Eastern province of HOMS, where in the recent fighting threshed a few dozen militants.

In General, “green” with U.S. diplomatic support, braked ambitious plans associated with Assad storm Aleppo, pinning down the forces of the Iranian population (Iranian airborne brigade leading the operation to the South of Aleppo over the past 10 days I lost about 30-40 killed and wounded) and subordinate units from Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq. Fighting in the al-EISA and Han-Mist in its current form obviously will interfere with the transfer of additional forces to storm the city.Not to mention that the decline in the number of sorties due to the downsizing of the aviation group videoconferencing has allowed green to strike with armored vehicles, which in winter they afford it could not, since any such attack quickly wibblies. The current number of aircraft and attack helicopters obviously not enough for action on all fronts than the rebels are. In General, the battle of Aleppo continues in the position key.Recently, the SAA and its allies suffered two significant tactical defeat at al-EISA Khan and Fog, “green” was defeated in the Aleppo, when he tried unsuccessfully to attack the blocks controlled by their opponents.

Overall, the United States and Russia are trying to show the visibility of the armistice, but de facto – in addition to both sides of the war with the Caliphate, both sides still some fighting in some areas and especially near Aleppo, where since the beginning of the truce, the losses on both sides number in the hundreds. The parties are trying to use the ceasefire to their advantage, but the truth is that Russia does not directly control the Assad regime, just as the U.S. cannot fully control green.Than one hand they get the opportunity to accuse the opposite party in the breakdown of the ceasefire, and on the other hand, constantly forced to razrulivat local operational crises that do not bring the parties closer to achieving the goals of the war. The continuation of the war does not give Russia to complete it by a diplomatic settlement, and for the United States the need to support “green” thwarts the plans of the “small victorious war against the Caliphate”, as due to ongoing crises, Damascus periodically threatens that he will take Raqqa, thereby threatening to break a pre-election plans of the White House.So against the background of ongoing fighting, we see explicit attempts to at least partially support the truce, where possible. About ending the war as a whole, it certainly is not.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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