DUGIN’S GUIDELINE–The Truth of our Victory

When we start talking about the Day of Victory and prepare for the celebration of it, we are increasingly confronted that for the Russians it means one thing and to others something else. And the more we hear the views of other societies about who is who and what price won the Second world war, the more our anger grows. After all, the official point of view in the West is increasingly getting the idea that the victory over Hitler’s Reich won over the Americans, and the role of Russia was secondary.In addition, Stalin and communism equated to Hitler and Nazism, and, consequently, what we consider the liberation of the peoples of Europe, represented as the change of one form of totalitarian regime for another. We call it a “falsification of history” and with difficulty understand how such a cynical distortion of the facts at all possible.

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Russia sets up Palmyra base | Jane’s

Russian ground forces have set up a forward operating base in the central Syrian city of Tadmur, the home of the ancient ruins of Palmyra, and installed an air-defence system to protect the site.

A video released by the AFP news agency on 7 May showed the Russian base has been built just to the west of the city, with Fakhr-al-Din al-Maani Castle less than 1.5 km further to the west, and the ruins to the south.

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Mapping the US nuclear war plan

A few months back, the National Security Archive made national headlines when they released a 1956 US target list they had obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. The target list outlined over a thousand Strategic Air Command nuclear targets in the Soviet Union, Eastern Bloc, the People’s Republic of China, and North Korea. The Archive had posted a small graphic of the ones in Eastern Europe, but hadn’t digitized the full list. Several weeks ago, the people at the Future of Life Institute did just this, digitizing the complete dataset — no small task, given that these were spread over several hundred, non-OCR-able pages of smudgy, 60-year-old government documents.

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