Russian armored vehicles in the fight against ISIL |


The other day Deputy General Director of Corporation “Uralvagonzavod” for special equipment Vyacheslav Khalitov said that Russian tanks have proven high survivability in the Syrian conflict. Words Khalitova of the successful use of Russian armored vehicles confirmed in numerous videos taken on the front line.


Vyacheslav Khalitov commented on the recent sensational video of Russian T-90 tank able to withstand a direct hit by American heavy anti-tank missiles “TOW”. “Not just a tank stand, it is practically not damaged,- said Khalitov is, the system of dynamic protection. Just a system that is a higher generation than the “Contact-1”. It is in this version and worked.” New video with Russian equipment from the conflict zone watch in our collection.

CBT-1A “the Sun” (upgraded TOS-1 “Pinocchio”)— heavy flame thrower system volley fire on the basis of the T-72. Designed for fire support of infantry and tanks, defeat enemy forces, open and closed firing positions in various types of offensive and defensive combat, as well as for decommissioning of light armored vehicles and vehicles. Firing range is between 4000 to 4.5 kilometers. As munitions are unguided missiles with thermobaric warheads. The first combat use of the machine was recorded in 2015 in Syria.

Tank T-90

Russian main battle tank T-90 “Vladimir”.
Created in the late 1980’s — early 1990-ies as a deep modernization of the T-72B. Equipped with a complex of active protection “Blind-1” and dynamic protection “Contact-5”. The main armament — 125-mm smoothbore gun 2А46М, which is able to fire conventional projectiles to a distance of 2 km and guided missiles at a distance up to 5 km. the First combat use of the machine took place in Syria in 2015.

T – 72АВ

Main battle tank T-72АВ entered service with the Soviet Army in 1985 the Machine is a modernized version of the T-72A, the main difference of which is the installation of dynamic protection, which consists of 227 items, is mounted on the tank hull, turret and rubber side screens. Firing characteristics of the machine are similar to tank T-90.


Comment of Sergey Maev, the former head of the Main armored Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Russia, member of the Board of Directors of Uralvagonzavod, the General-the Colonel:

“The Syrian armed forces are equipped with Russian tanks. Where our BMP-1, which itself has long been well established, working tanks T-55, T-72. And recent events in Syria demonstrate the reliability, durability and a high level of the combat effectiveness of armored and other vehicles. There were cases, when on the tank T-90 was more than 13 hits of modern means of destruction, but the tank has retained its fighting capability.Our tanks on the device is quite simple, hope to use and possess modern means of destruction which are capable of destroying any opponent that actually shows the T-90 in Syria. No wonder sales of this tank in recent times has increased. Buy it countries in the Middle East, Algeria, India. This again confirms the high combat efficiency of our technology”.




Stauffenberg was Right!

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