SDF Vows To Prevent Any Corridor Between Iran And Syria | SOUTHFRONT


Media outlets, media activists and militias affiliated or loyal to the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have been on fire since Monday when the Iraqi People Mobilization Units (PMU) reached the border after a successful operation against ISIS in western Nineveh.

Initially, the Asayish (a security service affilated with the SDF and the PYD) released a statement describing the PMU presence on the Syrian-Iraqi border as a threat to the SDF-held area in northern Syria. The Asayish statement also argued that the PMU is just a tool of Iranian influence. [Hint: The PMU is an official branch of the Iraqi Armed Forces]

Then, the SDF vowed that it will not accept any corridor between Iran and ‘the Syrian regime’ and will oppose any PMU attempt to enter the Syrian territory, Al Ghad Press reported citing a source among the SDF leadership.

If confirmed, it will be another step in the ongoing escalation in the PMU-SDF relations as well as deterioration of the shaky relations between the US-backed force and the Syrian government.

It should be noted pro-SDF and pro-opposition sources as well as the mainstream media describe any attempts by the Syrian military to re-establish control over the border with Iraq as an attempt to establish a ‘corridor’ with Iran. At the same time, the mainstream media argues that the Damascus government is not legitimate because it cannot control the Syrian borders.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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