The mi-28N and Ka-52 turn up in Syria | BMPD


Judging by the pop videos, despite the officially declared March 14, 2016 conclusion the main part of the Russian military presence in Syria and started the transfer of part of the combat aviation group Home, in parallel to Syria by the Russian side continues to have other war equipment. In the last few days in used by Russian aircraft to the Syrian airport of Latakia near Hamim Russian heavy transport aircraft An-124 were delivered several advanced combat helicopters Mi-28N and Ka-52 from within the air forces of the Russian space forces. This is the first known appearance of authentic Russian combat helicopter of new generation Mi-28N and Ka-52 in Syria.


Combat helicopter Ka-52 (visible behind the front-line bomber su-24M) in the Russian aviation groups at the airport Hamim in Syria. The helicopter is at the Assembly stage. 16.03.2016 (with) frame from the reporting channel “Star” (via )

Report of TV channel “Star” from 16.03.2016, which could see the helicopter Ka-52


Combat helicopter Mi-28N in the Russian aviation group over the airfield Hamim in Syria. 16.03.2016 (with) a frame from the footage to Reuters (via )

Video report from Reuters 16.03.2016, which is visible from a flying helicopter Mi-28N:


Stauffenberg was Right!

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