Dugin’s Guideline – A Manifesto on the annexation of Georgia to Russia


30 Jan 1801, Russian Emperor Paul I issued a Manifesto on the inclusion of the Georgian principalities of Kartli-Kakheti into the Russian Empire.

In 1783 Kartli-Kakheti king Irakli II signed the Treaty of Georgievsk, according to which, while retaining the throne, passed his Kingdom under the protectorate of the Russian Empire. But then there was a Persian invasion and later – Russian response.
Painful episode to ruin the Iranians Tbilisi, the terrible slaughter, and then the Russian diplomatic fluctuations in their diplomatic game with the Ottomans, it is highly marred for Georgians of their expression to come under the protection of the Russian Tsar. They came under the protection, but it was not as durable…However, the new Kartli-Kakhetian, king George XII again in 1799, when Georgia take on the really serious Russian troops, resumes the process of strategic integration of the Orthodox Georgia in the Russian Empire.

So Georgian king George XII says that “earnestly wishes with their offspring, the clergy, the nobles and all the people subject to him once for all to take citizenship of the Russian Empire, promising to faithfully perform all that is performed by the Russians.”

And here the Emperor Paul I fully endorsed the project of unification with Georgia and announce the appropriate Manifest. The Manifesto States:

“SIM announce our Imperial word, that on the accession of the Georgian Kingdom in perpetuity under our power not only provided safe and will \…\ all the rights, advantages and property legally owned by everyone, but this time, each state in the people’s aforesaid areas is to enjoy the rights, liberties, benefits and privileges as the ancient subjects of the Russian by the grace of our ancestors and of Our enjoying Our under cover”.

Everything seemed just fine: the great Orthodox power supports small Orthodox Georgia, to protect her from the surrounding non-Christian enemies. Thought idealists of both peoples – Russian paladins of the Empire and Georgian zealots of Orthodoxy and ancient identity, which was threatened and the Turks and the Persians.

But the story has another layer, quite frankly, disgusting. It consists of stupid, annoying, greedy, cowardly and selfish dodgy around looking for material benefit. They occupy the places they do not format. They rush to positions which are completely unworthy. They shout and give advice, when the insignificance of their Outlook and capacity required a long and concentrated silence. This is an internal enemy of the Empire. Agile, aggressive, nimble and, alas, often compelling, of mediocrity, arriviste and crooks.They usually consider people and understanding reality, practitioners, technologists, technicians. In fact, they are only simulators, destroyers, subpassionarii according to Gumilev, simulacra. Here
such subpassionarii the Russian Empire, as the liberals from the entourage of the Emperor Alexander I of the secret Committee, and straightforward officials as Knorring and Kowalinski, and ruined the finest project is indivisible and naselennom (says Levan Vasadze) connection of two Orthodox peoples, turning spiritual attainment in the rough colonial grip.

Empire is an art. It is the ultimate rise of the human spirit, embodied in the construction of an ideal State based on justice, brotherhood and love. Empire is as much connected to a single, but many here never ceases to be many, maintains the distinction. How well would the proposed formula Kartli-Kakheti Kingdom or even the Georgian Kingdom in the Russian Orthodox Empire, the Third Rome. So in fact it was conceived both by Russians and Georgians, our kings and priests, and supported by the people.But something went wrong… And that is this: we pathologically lacking in idealism. Too deeply rooted in our Western pragmatism. In the XIX century the problem of Georgia is discussed in the optics of the rich mines and strategic benefits, not in the optics of brotherhood and love of the Orthodox people. Pragmatism, materialism, caring only about the practical benefit must be equal to the crime against the Empire. This is the root of many troubles, contradictions, conflicts and tormenting us the breaks that we pay for centuries more.

All the best, have you watched the program “Directive Dugin,” the accession of Georgia to Russia.

One response to “Dugin’s Guideline – A Manifesto on the annexation of Georgia to Russia

  1. What this article demonstrates to me is a development of “crude materialism” at that time probably was falling in behind Shelling and the Romantics, materialism was an essential component of spiritualism without which scientific studies would not have been possible, the ultimate in Material Dialectics is the link between atheist and theological cannons which is Telepathy, featuring idealism detached from physical phenomena, also known as the Holy Ghost.


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