New Russia as destiny – Alexander Dugin



Russia without the new Russia is no longer Russia. This area is a boundary, a line crossing which you can lose or gain everything. There are “Yes” and “no” are locked in a bloody battle. There is heard the footsteps of history. Therefore we must give the new Russia everything I have, and even what you don’t. And this above calculations, Analytics, forecasts and cunning plans.

The events in Ukraine in 2014 became a turning point in the modern history of Russia. Moreover, the challenge then Moscow, she didn’t answer. And this is the fundamental challenge that requires a clear “Yes” or “no”. Moscow has not answered neither Yes nor no. That is, “not quite so”, but “not quite there”. Emergency and quite adequate measures as a reaction to the euromaidan were adopted, the result is the Crimea in the Russian Federation. But the new Russia Moscow tripped. In all senses. It poses the question: what is the new Russia?

The answer can be given on several levels.

The Union of Ukraine and Russia, as well as understanding of geopolitics – and we, the Eurasians, and the Atlanticists in the face Brzezinski by, is the main key to the reconstruction of Russia as a Eurasian Empire. This is our historical duty and the main threat to our enemies – the United States, NATO and the West in General. However, in the post-euromaidan situation, when Kiev was captured proatlantism-neo-Nazi junta, even the theoretical possibility of the restoration of the “big space” was lost. This unequivocal success Atlanticist. Voluntary Union with Russia will be no more. It is a fact, supported by the overthrow of Yanukovych and all that this event followed. Therefore, there appeared on the agenda of the Crimea and the new Russia. The Crimea and the new Russia – geopolitically is the same, it’s the return stroke, a reaction to the fact that as a result of the euromaidan, Russia lost prospects to unite with the rest of Ukraine in a common strategic space. After the euromaidan in Ukraine over to the camp of the enemies, blocking the very possibility of our Imperial revival. Russia found itself in a trap. And decided once not all, then let half of Ukraine is integrated into the Empire. It’s worse, but more reliable. We took the challenge and joined with the Crimea. Nazi policy of the junta gave us for this moral grounds. Further, it was logical to start the battle all – new Russia-with a heart in the Donbas and from Odessa to Kharkov. Not paying attention, not paying attention, those who staged a coup in Kiev, he was prepared and supported. Politics is only the balance of power. Strong can do anything. Weak has nothing, or almost nothing. In Crimea we did geopolitically correct. How do strong. But the next step is not done. So go weak. Thus, we did not answer the question: “am I a trembling creature or the right to have”, just postponing it, thinking, probably, that all resolved by itself. Therefore, the new Russia – bloody uncertainty. First and foremost is the uncertainty of the geopolitical status of Russia. Who are we? World power? Regional? Or subregional? Crimea has designated the regional status of our nation with a claim on the world. Fluctuations in Novorossiya mean, we subregional country with pretensions to regional role.

Events in the new Russia also became a test of who manages Moscow: media our national interests or sixth column, i.e. Atlantida network of influence. It turned out, fifty-fifty, with varying degrees of success: our Crimea – Russian power, the Minsk agreement is the sixth column won. Therefore, the new Russia has made clear the fundamental geopolitical uncertainty of modern Russia: half a sovereign state, half – socio-political and economic colony of the West (at least both, in the 90’s was not). Therefore, the new Russia is the discovery of truth, unpleasant both halves of our society: those who feel the Russians (this is a substantial half, and the new Russia – all), and those who curse the present course, wanting to open the gates of the enemy (“Echo”, and others).

From the point of view of the civilization of the new Russia – an integral part of the Russian world. Moreover, the part that makes it complete. On the history, culture, Ethnology are nearby museums, religion, identity of the new Russia – from Odessa to Kharkov – is an integral part of the great and inconceivable in isolation from it. 20 million people living in this territory, Russians in a cultural sense, whoever they were ethnically. It is obvious that and live in Russia not only ethnic Russians, but they are all Russians (in addition to “race Charlie”). When the Donbass rose, together with my Russian world. And a string of Russian young people, whose existence no one suspected, stretched in the new Russia to shed blood for their country, stretched, without orders, of their own volition. And many died there. And sleep a perpetual sleep. Seeing in your dream Russia that gave their lives.

New Russia showed the Russians – we have. We still have. We have not broken the back for these shameful decades, stretching and inescapable vile nightmare. We are. This means, we are here ready to die and kill for Russia. A Russian world, new Russia – the awakening. Apparently, it is somewhat scared regime in Russia itself. So how to deal with the awakened Russian was clearly not on the agenda. Sleeping we innocuous and harmless. Awakening tried to put it out. This is partly managed as a giant weight had been thrown strangulation “Russian spring”, which opened the Crimea. The balance of this line to fail early. But the line of confrontation is clearly labelled. the 1990s have not gone away. Those who governs us, hate us and fear. It is a fact. It has become a fact of Novorossiya. A difficult fact to all parties. We woke up, or rather, began to awaken, but still too weak to Express themselves in full voice. Us, Russian, still need the support of the state in which it us in General starting in may 2014 and refused. This is a very difficult situation. It is also called “new Russia”. Plums “Russian spring”.

The new Russia is also the Donbass. As he is: his people, his characters, his temperament, his temper, his style. This is a special Novorossiysk Russian – very persistent, often too cocky and stubborn, largely anarchic in the Communication, freedom-loving and rebellious as the inhabitants of the border limits of the great Russia. To them, the people of Donbass, holds the new Russia. It is their blood, the blood of their children, women and old men, their sons and daughters sprinkled Holy land of Novorossiya. Don’t be them who stood up to his full height against the Kyiv Nazism and Atlanticist, nothing would work. They not only survived in the swivel days, and they are are beyond imaginable possibilities, withstanding all without taking the positions. Any slippery Moscow Manager breaks off about this Novorossiysk Donbass stronghold. This loose Russians, freer than those to the East of them, and certainly than those to the West. The new Russia is a victory of Donbass, went down in history. This is a high character for all of us. Quite a feat – not in the history books, but here and now. Looking into the faces of these people of Donbass, the living and the dead, see how we’ve won so many wars in history. That’s it. Blood and special stubborn, somewhat geeky Cossack Donetsk look.

The West will be modulepath Moscow through a network of agents of influence, offering deal – Crimea in exchange for a new Russia (Minsk agreement and their variations). If we progname, will begin preparations for the overthrow of the current regime and the attack on the Crimea. As the attacking party – they are our space maneuver will only be contracted. When the power finally understand it? Maybe never, as nothing, and never (until now) didn’t understand and wasn’t going to understand the Communist leaders of the late 1980s and early 1990s. As I said Brzezinski by: “Gorbachev And we have been cheated”. As Kissinger and Brzezinski by quite able to say later about someone else: “it’s Nothing personal. Big politics.

How will it end? If the enemy wins, the overthrow of the regime and the disintegration of Russia. It is in the West, working out, however, a range of diverse strategies towards a common goal. Would the result of the gradual infiltration of the entire Russian society from top to bottom by a network of agents of influence, acting with impunity in all areas, including strategic planning, time will tell. While neither Yes nor no. And from that, it all depends.

Saving the script in the spirit of “Russians to play” simple and straightforward. But the chances of its implementation, it seems to me, are not too large. Moscow says “Yes” Russian history and sovereignty and is included in the new Russia really. It’s hard, scary, risky. But if we stand out, the new world order will collapse. This in the end, the historical performance of duty. We got started a lot of wars, but those who should be imposed on us, we won. Now talking about our native land – the new Russia. Than you can give? Actually – all. Start and win. This is not just a new birth Empire, it will be a spiritual awakening, snatch and simultaneously the end of global domination “civilization Charlie”. We break through the blockade and bounce the Eurasian conservative revolution in Europe and America itself. We will liberate the peoples of the world from the oligarchical dictatorship of transnational capital, the interest of slavery and perverted minority. Europe for the Europeans, France for the French. Germany is for the Germans. And the end of liberal democracy. Further, the power will be transferred themselves from the hands backstage world elite bankers and financiers, not representing anyone or anything except the devil. Transferred from our help. While Kosovo – Serbia.

The new Russia is a cherished feature of both scenarios: the collapse and takeoff. But even if the collapse is inevitable, and sometimes we are going through exactly this crash pretty regularly and in 1991 or in the 90s and early 2000s in Chechnya, the Russians must stand on the side of the party takeoff. I wouldn’t be surprised if the current regime dismantles itself. I wonder if do not disassemble. But this is not a reason to give up. The new Russia is our pole, turn out. We must give everything you have and even what you don’t. It’s just fate. There are “Yes” and “no” are locked in a bloody battle. And it’s already above calculations, Analytics, forecasts and cunning plans. This is the footsteps of history. If “Yes” – the new Russia, “Yes” and the Crimea, “Yes” Russia, “Yes” to the salvation of the world. If “no”, then the power of our enemies will become universal. Russia without the new Russia is not Russia. No longer Russia. And to finish off all the enemies of the new world order will be a matter of technique.

When Heidegger asked, what can save Western civilization from collapse, he sadly said: “Only God”. For someone who doesn’t believe in God, it’s really quite sad. But for someone who believes that everything changes. The new Russia, Russia, Russian world will be saved by God. But only if we ourselves are on his side and not on the side of mammon, TV or thesis “charity begins at home. God saved humanity. He saved all of us. We forgot about it. Remember – we will win.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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