Short but important | Colonel Cassad

Despite the fact that a considerable part of sectors of the front, where an armistice was concluded, the intensity of fighting has fallen sharply, though the expected recriminations sides of violating the truce followed. Saudi Arabia accused (who would doubt) Syria and Russia in that they violate the truce and threatened to “Plan B” (read foreign intervention. “Russia accuses Turkey of violating the truce, as the jihadists are supported by the Turks attacked the Kurdish town of Tal Abyad and Kurds have a lot of sweat in the battle for the city, where, according to preliminary data for the day more than 100 people were killed in the fighting (is also noted that today after being hit in a police vehicle killed 1 and wounded two Turkish officers.) the US is said that they “watch” and “study”, but do not be surprised if tomorrow or the day after tomorrow in Washington break out a statement that Moscow had violated something.

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The rise of Azov | Open Democracy

Strange it may seem, but Ukraine’s far right and Russia’s propaganda machine share a common fantasy: a radical right-wing coup in Kyiv. Just as the Ukrainian right has been making moves in domestic politics over the past year, a coup scenario in the country’s capital would be precisely the escalation Russia needs to win the war in the east.

If we do see regime change in Ukraine, then the Azov volunteer battalion is a likely candidate to take charge of this new “junta”. Formed from far-right groups as separatist conflict broke out in 2014, Azov was initially created as a special police battalion, and quickly won a reputation for defending the city of Mariupol in south-eastern Ukraine. It is now a regiment within Ukraine’s National Guard.

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The Russian Tom Clancy Is on the Front Lines for Real | The New Yorker

In early 2014, after Russia annexed Crimea, pro-Russia separatists in the north of Ukraine, with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s backing, seized parts of the border area near Donetsk. After those rebels were blamed for shooting down a Malaysian passenger jet flying over eastern Ukraine that summer, President Obama convinced Europe to impose economic sanctions, which have devastated the Russian economy. Putin also withdrew many of the Russian military advisers, allowing local fighters to assume high-ranking positions in the leadership.

One of those local fighters, Fyodor Berezin, became the deputy defense minister of what the rebels call the Donetsk People’s Republic, and now trains new recruits in tank artillery. Berezin is an unlikely leader in any war: before all this took place, he was known as a sci-fi novelist in the genre of “historical fantasy.” Readers may be familiar with the American version of this style of writing, which includes books about, for instance, how the outcome of the Civil War might have changed if Robert E. Lee had machine guns. Berezin’s novels typically involve heroic struggles between an imaginary U.S.S.R. spreading triumphant Communism all over the world while kicking around a weakened and marginalized U.S.A.

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Dmytro Yarosh Former Leader Of Nazi Group Right Sector, Will Create Another Opposition Movement | NOVOROSSIA TODAY

Former leader of Ukraine’s extremist Right Sector group, outlawed in Russia, Dmytro Yarosh, has declared he leaves the organization with an intention to create another oppositional movement, as follows from his own statement on the Right Sector’s website. “My team and I have made a decision to withdraw from the Right Sector to launch a qualitatively new national-state-patriotic movement, which will be able to build an independent and united state,”

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PMC and the war in Ukraine | Colonel Cassad

After the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq PMC began to develop more rapidly. Around the same time, many war correspondents came on hearing the word of Blackwater. The conscience of militants from Blackwater many crimes are simply impossible to hide. This is very much written, even in Wikipedia. Employees of PMCs behaved egregiously they repeatedly shot Iraqi civilians, American soldiers, journalists, and even the official bodyguards. For all this, no one answered. Online information about such things abound. In his book, Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army Jeremy Skeyhill American journalist he wrote that during the years of the occupation of Iraq in the country by the PMC (a variety of not only Blackwater – AM) were killed about 2 million. People. Even if these figures are inflated, it’s still terribly much.

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Clashes in the DNI 11.28.2015 | Colonel Cassad

As a result of direct contact with a house burned down, and the interrupted gas pipeline in the streets Shahtoprohodchikov and Kurchatov. According to the Ministry of Defence of the NPT, under attack as horrible Zaitsev.
Ukrainian security officials on Sunday night fired Oktyabrsky in the Kuibyshev region of Donetsk and Zaitsev north of Gorlovka, interrupted as a result of the pipeline, said the Defense Ministry of breakaway DNI.
“Around 23.30 Ukrainian security forces opened fire on the village of Oktyabrsky, as a result of direct exposure to burned house outside of Czechoslovakia, 103, and interrupted the gas pipeline on the streets and Shahtoprohodchikov Kurchatov”, – quotes the representative offices Donetsk news agency.

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US troops begin training Ukrainian regular forces | Yahoo

Washington (AFP) – US military experts on Monday began training Ukrainian soldiers and special operations forces in the war-torn country, the Pentagon said.

US troops had already deployed in small numbers to Ukraine to train National Guard forces, but under a plan first announced in July they are now helping regular military units.

The US troops “will be training five battalions of active-duty troops and one battalion of special operations forces personnel,” spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said.

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“We are at a new impasse” | Alexander Dugin

It’s necessary to recognize a simple truth: they won’t leave us alone, and it its best to recognize this immediately. History is always a choice, often a choice in the face of death. The average person runs away from this and tries to barricade himself from problems, but if a government behaves like a layman, then this government is transitory. History begins when the top of the vertical power takes an existential – historic – decision, and this means looking death straight in the face.

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