Russian Black Sea Fleet flagship Moskva

The Slava Class / Project 1164 cruiser is a conventionally powered surface warship of 11,280 tons fully loaded which has been designed primarily for the anti-ship role, Soviet naval doctrine has been focused on combatting American carrier battle groups, and warships such as the Slava class are a part of their solution. The ship’s unique battery of sixteen SS-N-12 Sandbox surface-to-surface missiles sited in two rows along either side of the bridge superstructure gives her formidable firepower and also makes this class easily recognizable.

Anti-aircraft weapons include eight SA-N-6 surface-to-air missile silos (eight missiles per silo) located between the funnels and the after end of the hangar. Contained in vertical launch tubes, these missiles are intended to provide a Soviet battle group with defense against carrier or land-based aircraft firing contemporary stand-off munitions such as anti-ship missiles. There are also twin SA-N-4 silos located on either side of the hanger doors

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