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On the backdrop of the impasse in relations between the US and Russia, was made today by Kerry bluntly accused Russia and Syria committing war crimes in Aleppo, calling for investigation of what is happening in the city. Here we can only note that the more desperate the situation of terrorists in Aleppo, the stronger the intensity of the hysteria in the West.

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The Proposal By De Mistura | Colonel Cassad

The De Mistura plan – a project minimize the consequences of defeat, when under the pretext of saving Eastern Aleppo, the rebels efforts of the West will have the opportunity to preserve the remnants of manpower to continue the resistance in Idlib and Hama. For Russia and Syria, this scenario is quite acceptable and has already been rolled at the time of surrender of militants in Darayya. The main thing now is not to destroy each particular action (their time will come), and to liberate the city with the minimum of death and destruction, achieving the largest victory for Assad since the beginning of the Syrian war.

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Putin Has Given the United States an Ultimatum

As for the Syrian issue, this is not the first time the US signs agreements and then breaks them. Russia’s response could clearly not be compared to the US’s official refusal to continue cooperation.

Although Putin has withdrawn Russia from the reprocessing agreement, he announced that it could be restarted, under certain conditions, including canceling all sanctions against Russia, compensating Moscow for losses resulting not only from those sanctions but from Russian’s counter-sanctions, canceling the Magnitsky Act, reducing the American military presence in NATO countries near Russia’s border, and ending the policy of confrontation with Moscow.

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Russian MoD warns US-led coalition not to strike Syrian army

“Therefore, any missile or air strikes on the territory controlled by the Syrian government will create a clear threat to Russian servicemen.”

“Russian air defense system crews are unlikely to have time to determine in a ‘straight line’ the exact flight paths of missiles and then who the warheads belong to. And all the illusions of amateurs about the existence of ‘invisible’ jets will face a disappointing reality,” Konashenkov added.

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The battle for Aleppo. 06.10.2016 | Colonel Cassad

Amid the ongoing assault and bombing, the Syrian command is still offering the militants to stop fighting and one way or another to withdraw from Aleppo, in order not to multiply the number of victims and destruction. Nevertheless, the militants do not show a tendency to surrender, still hoping that diplomatic pressure from the West forced Syria and Russia to stop the assault. Still hope that an attack from the outside will still take place and will facilitate the position of the militants in the city.

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Germany is planning to impose new sanctions against Russia over Syria

The German authorities examine the possibility of imposing new sanctions against Russia as retaliation for its actions in Syria.

It is reported that the Cabinet of Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel will discuss various methods of pressure on Moscow in order for it to change its policy in Syria. In particular, we are talking about economic restrictions, writes The Wall Street Journal.

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American Threats | Colonel Cassad

The catastrophic decline of the influence of the outgoing administration could be observed on the Senate vote to overcome Obama’s veto, forbidding to sue Saudi Arabia in connection with the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Therefore, threats from Kerry are enough empty threats from a lame duck. In the worst case, we will see a continuation of the ongoing escalation, or more likely, preservation of the current situation to Obama transfer of power to his successor.

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The battle for Aleppo. 28.09.2016 | UPDATED | Colonel Cassad

In General, the operation more like what is happening in Eastern ghouta, where the path to serious success is a series of small moves within the implementation of the General plan. In this regard, the information that the SAA is thinking about an attack on al-Bab against the Caliphate, look a bit strange, since as in the ongoing fighting around Aleppo and in the city, with fairly limited power even to reach al-Bab to be a problem, not to mention the fact that the storm large village held by the militants of the Caliphate, is a non-trivial problem (see Storming Manbij). The possible motivation for such plans – Damascus wants to more actively influence the processes in Northern Syria not giving her completely at the mercy of the United States, Turkey and the Caliphate.

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About the Russian operation in Syria | BMPD

A year ago, on 30 September, Russia began one of the most ambitious military campaigns in modern history. Its aim was the destruction of the terrorists of the “Islamic state” and the transition to a political settlement of the crisis between supporters and opponents of President Bashar al-Assad. However, key points of operation that was originally planned as a short-reached and was not, and Syria has turned into a place where the geopolitical interests of Russia and the United States face off.

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How the Pentagon sank the US-Russia deal in Syria – and the ceasefire | Gareth Porter

The evidence that the US deliberately targeted a Syrian military facility is, of course, circumstantial, and it is always possible that the strike was another of the monumental intelligence failures so common in war. But the timing of the strike – only 48 hours before the decision was to be made on whether to go ahead with the Joint Implementation Centre -and its obvious impact on the ceasefire make a tight fit with the thesis that it was no mistake.

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Impossible task | Colonel Cassad

Actually, today it was possible to observe the dying paroxysms of the 2nd Russian-American deal where the parties have plainly poured charges and laid the blame on each other. Oh well, nothing new, the war goes on (today continued fighting in Hydrate, as well as in the quarter Sheikh Saeed). The parties will have some time to do copious blood-letting, before they are ripe for a new approach in the peace talks.

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Russia delays | Colonel Cassad

In fact, in the West, in official circles there is no reflection about done with Syria. There dubolomnyh continue to try to bend the world for themselves even where such a strategy is obviously not working, but the Messianic attitude does not give the military-political establishment to admit they were wrong and press on the brake. Destroyed the country, killed hundreds of thousands, millions of refugees, rampant Islamism – all these “mistakes” repeated again and again, extending farther to the bloody epilogue of the Arab spring. But what criminal will refuse to blame their own crimes on their victims?

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The Assault On Aleppo. 24.09.2016 | Colonel Cassad

Overall, 24 September, SAA was able to achieve substantial tactical successes, and the position of the militants in Aleppo has continued to worsen. Without outside relief from the siege, they are likely to lose part of urban neighborhoods and that’s best case for them.

To the North of Aleppo, with the support of armored units of the 7th Turkish army, Pro-Turkish militants counterattacked and began to drive away the Caliphate on South from al-Rai. Recaptured 5 towns, the loss of the Caliphate amounted to 30 killed and several trucks. It is also worth noting that the Caliphate has declared that in the North of Syria was downed/fallen American drone.

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