the geopolitical situation | Alexander Dugin

First of all, we are talking about France. She actively financed the Libyan campaign, and the “Libyan rebels” who were supported by the entire West, virtually created LIH (DAESH) and gave them weapons. Already there is a huge amount of public information about the transfer of weapons to the Syrian opposition Libyans, this is obvious, and nobody hides. But the United States and the EU are the victims of terrorism – 9/11, and France – Friday the 13th in Paris.

If you factor out the geopolitics and try to explain these events in some other way, immediately accumulated so many contradictions that or we’ll be forced to turn to the theory of global conspiracy, or to some other extravagant forms of analysis, or just spit on the attempt to explain the world and just say: Shut up and eat, make a career, in general, receive some momentary satisfaction, leave to rest … But, then for example, you flew on holiday to Egypt and never returned. Exploded in a plane over the Sinai.

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