US, Russia reject Kurdish Rojava project | ARA News

“We are for a united Syria. We do not support an independent Kurd initiative,” Kerry said.

“There has been some limited engagement, as everybody knows, with a component of Kurd fighters on a limited basis, and we cooperated very closely with – with Turkey specifically to make sure that there was a clearer understanding of the rules by which that engagement would take place,” he added.

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American YPG fighter: US stabs Kurds in the back | ARA News

A former US volunteer who fought with the Kurds against ISIS and was waiting for the Jarabulus operation, called the Turkish operation a slap in the face of Kurds, and a betrayal by the US that backed the Turkish operation.

“It’s a slap in the face to the Kurds. Not only them but also foreign volunteers,” Erwin Stran told ARA News. “We lost two Americans in the Manbij operation as well as others. Not to mention the Kurdish body count. Now the Kurdish push has been halted. At least it seems for now,” he added.

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Euphrates shield – Day 3 | Colonel Cassad

On the third day of the operation “Euphrates shield” continued to increase tension on the contact line of Pro-Turkish militants supported by Turkish troops and YPG forces/SDF.

1. During the day continued air strikes by the Turkish F-16 at an advanced position of the Kurds and the Turkish armored vehicles supported advancing troops “green”.

2. In fact, we are now seeing the formation of new lines, where as pulling forces, should be deployed sufficiently serious fights, if the Kurds are completely inferior.

3. Despite American demands for the abandonment Manbij, the radical part of the YPG is opposed to meeting the American demands and prefers a war with Turkey. It is highly likely that everything is going to this option.

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Euphrates Shield – Day 2 | Colonel Cassad

Overall, we see that under the pretext of the fight against the Caliphate, Turkey strongly suppresses the attempts of Kurds to establish their own state in Syria. The U.S., in an attempt to prevent too much Turkey’s rapprochement with Russia and Iran, obviously went to her concessions, sacrificing the interests of the Syrian Kurds for the sake of normalization of relations with Erdogan.

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