Russian aircraft disrupted the offensive of the militants in Idlib & Aleppo |

According to the information received, the Russian space forces struck two powerful rocket-bomb strikes on the terrorist positions. Reportedly, terrorist forces of the coalition “Jaish al-Fath”* (consists of extremists “of the al-Nusra Front / jabhat al Fatah Ash-sham” and “Ahrar Al-sham”) has strengthened its position in the area of the plains Qinnasrin, namely in the vicinity Samara. The militants were likely planning to organize another attack on the neighborhood of Aleppo in connection with his recent release. Fortified base of the jihadists received two point of impact, due to which their military equipment were destroyed.Losses among manpower of the enemy estimated at no less than 30 people. Syrian military source believes that the way the extremists were planning to organize a counter-offensive towards Aleppo.

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Hezbollah: Fall of Aleppo could pave way for ‘political solution’ | MEMO

In a live televised address, Nasrallah said that the Assad regime forces’ recapture of the northern city of Aleppo after four years of fighting with rebels holding its eastern sector had opened a new stage in the nearly six-year conflict.

“Today, after Aleppo, one can safely say the [opposition’s] goal of toppling the regime has failed,” he said. “The victory of Aleppo can open new horizons for political solutions…It could make some nations realistic and see new viewpoints.”

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Missing residents | Colonel Cassad

On November 30, the “local activists” said that in the militant-controlled areas of Aleppo are 300,000 civilians. After the complete liberation of the Eastern neighborhoods and check out everyone in Idlib from 1 to 16 December, it became clear that in the liberated territories was 152 000 civilians (both those who stayed and those who left with the rebels). 148 000 were dissolved in the fog of the propaganda war.
You can certainly make allowances for the fact that the victims in the fighting were civilians and some percentage may still be hiding in basements, but it is clear that in the interests of propaganda, the population of the Eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo had been overstated by almost 2 times, as the liberation of the city fairly quickly appeared when vacated areas, the army found where there is less people than there should be according to the statements of militants and the Western media.

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Report on Aleppo from the Main operations Directorate of the Russian Federation | Colonel Cassad

Briefing the chief of the Main operations Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Federation Lieutenant General Rudskoy dedicated to final figures which ended operations in Aleppo.

Just came from Aleppo to Idlib – 9560 people (4435 militants, including 337 wounded, and 5125 of civilians).

Laid down their arms and surrendered to the Syrian army militants 3406 (3056 pardoned)

From the territory controlled by the militants voluntarily resigned 108 000 civilians

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Formalities | Colonel Cassad

With the removal of the last of the militants in Aleppo to Idlib, the elimination of the remaining fanatics in the East of Aleppo and the surrender of those who wished to give up (or were caught filtering) today, this formally ended the assault on Aleppo. 12 December, the Syrian authorities have already reported about the victory, but it took another three days to settle the formalities. So today, and the Russian General staff and al-Assad has officially announced the completion of the storming of Aleppo. Thus, you can now accurately indicate that the fighting in Aleppo began on 19 July 2012 and closed on 15 December 2016. This is one of the longest battles in one locality over the past decade.

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Aleppo. 14.12.2016 | Colonel Cassad

Much as the West has tried to save them, these characters don’t want to be saved, apparently they only used the road in order to act like wild animals. So despite the fact that the city has been listed as taken for 2 days, in some quarters they still continued shooting. As for me, it is good that they refused to leave – they can now with a clear conscience to be sent to eternal rest and nobody will be able to say that they were not offered “humanitarian alternative”. However, the West is not going to understand such subtleties and continues to hysteria on the subject “war crimes in Aleppo”, thus striving to downplay the fact and the significance of the victory of Syria, Russia and Iran in Aleppo.

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The Aleppo Information front | Colonel Cassad

As a whole, amid the end of the battle for Aleppo in its military dimension, the information battle is still in full swing and the West cannot come to terms with what happened, is still openly supporting terrorist organizations, seeking to present the case so that Syria, Russia and Iran won not because he hacked the defense of militants repelled all counterattacks and cleared the town in heavy fighting, but because they bombed hospitals and killed children. In this respect it is highly interesting to compare the flow of information propaganda and anti-Assad Syrian resources.

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Aleppo liberated | Colonel Cassad

Despite the fact that today was a lot of bad news from the Palmyra, I would like to say on a positive note. By nightfall of 12 December, the remnants of militants in Aleppo controlled less than 1% of the city. By 11 p.m., the army trimmed the last pockets of resistance, and several sources have already reported complete liberation of the city, although pockets of resistance still remain, but it is rather a matter of a few hours, and then filtering. The prisoner shall as rank-and-file militants and warlords.The collapse of the organized defense of militants occurred on December 9-10, accelerated the process of freeing the remaining quarters. 12 Dec has all chances to become the end of many years of battles, the outcome of which will affect the further course and outcome of the Syrian war.

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The Assault On Aleppo. 12.12.2016 | Colonel Cassad

Amid the destruction of Palmyra, the rebound of the boiler in Aleppo has somewhat faded into the background, but nevertheless the process of liberation of Aleppo is nearing completion. Strategically the position of the militants there have already been hopeless and no success of the militants in other parts of the front of course could not save the boiler remaining deep in the rear of the Syrian forces.After the bulk of the civilians left the pot on the humanitarian corridor and the part of the militants laid down their arms, SAA as promised in the defense Ministry, went on the offensive and in the last two days freed from the militants a half of the boiler. Organized resistance, the enemy no longer has, it is about the suppression of pockets of resistance where fanatics refuse to accept reality and they need this reality to strike. The output of civil easier to rebound, as necessary, such pockets of resistance are crushed by artillery and aviation.In fact, the question of the release of the remaining blocks should be solved this week and Assad will be able to celebrate their biggest win since 2011.

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The Assault On Aleppo. 10.12.2016 | Colonel Cassad

1. For today more than 20 000 civilians came out of the boiler .

2. The offensive of the Syrian army is suspended while civilians escape.

3. On 10 December the SAA and its allies control 93% of the territory of Aleppo.

4. Today 1237 militants laid down their arms .

5. After the release of civilians through the humanitarian corridors, the attack on the remaining under the control of militants neighborhoods will continue.

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The Assault On Aleppo. 08.12.2016 | Colonel Cassad

By the end of the day, the size of the boiler Aleppo continued to shrink. Because of the agreements on the surrender of the militants is not achieved, then assault the remaining quarters continues. Because of the reduction of the dimensions of the boiler and the front line, on the one hand the density of the defense of the militants has increased, but SAA due to the released forces, has the opportunity to step up efforts on several fronts. Today, it once again led to the collapse of the flimsy front militants.

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The Assault On Aleppo. 07.12.2016 | Colonel Cassad

During December 6, the militants left the old city and some quarters in the North-Eastern part of the boiler is reduced. Sand the area North from the Citadel and an eye clinic, the SAA took the offensive South of the Citadel, throwing militants further South. Resistance fighters is of a disorganized nature, unified system of defense no longer exists as a result of the losses, the surrender of insurgents and demoralization of the personnel, the collapse of organized resistance – in fact, the army overcomes patchy resistance and so easily takes significant chunks of the city. Active use of armored vehicles in street battles and the lack of serious casualties in tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, reflect a General tendency towards exhaustion of the defensive capabilities of the fighters – not enough anti-tank and other anti-tank weapons

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