The Counter-Offensive Of The Caliphate | Colonel Cassad

Fighting on a key road in the area of Khanaser continue. Over the past few days the Syrian army and the Caliphate lost by a few dozen people (the Syrian army has declared that the Caliphate under 300 dead), but the battle for the street continues. Defeating several roadblocks and blocking the route which supplies the Aleppo group, the Caliphate has achieved initial success. Coming up of reinforcements by the Syrian army drove the troops of the Caliphate from the road, defeating the groups attacked the track from the desert regions to the East of Khanaser. The total number of troops of the Caliphate in the area reaches up to 2-3 thousand people + some tens units of various equipment (including a trophy). Unable to hold control over the road and having suffered a tactical defeat, the commanders of the Caliphate in this direction forces regrouped and again attacked the route, again defeating several roadblocks and cut the road. Today the course for the Syrian army, carrying out attacks on troops of the Caliphate came out to the track.

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The outlines of the American strategy in Syria | Colonel Cassad

The Americans finally came to realize that the old concepts do not work and now have hastily adjusted, choosing from the different options available to them. Hard power scenario with the participation of American forces in the war in Syria. It certainly is in reality not American bombing Assad’s forces, as the deployment of Russian air defense systems (de-facto Russia has deployed over Assad umbrella protecting him from a “no-fly zones”), the option is fraught between armed forces of nuclear States. However, this question goes beyond the scope just conversations. Yesterday the Pentagon chief Carter on the meeting of the Senate Committee presented proposals of the Obama administration for military options in the us strategy in Syria and Iraq.

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Metaphysical author Yuri Mamleev has died aged 83 |

The author and philosopher Yuri Mamleev died on Oct. 25 in Moscow. He is considered to have created a new literary style, metaphysical realism, which finds its expression in his philosophical study, The Fate of the Existence. In his book Eternal Russia, Mamleev follows the example of the Silver Age philosophers in creating his own conception of Russian nationalism.

“A huge number of writers with different views – from the postmodernist Vladimir Sorokin to Mikhail Yelizarov or the right-wing Alexander Dugin – learned their art from Mamleev,” the author Sergei Shargunov told the MK daily.

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Turkey says it fired at Kurdish forces in northern Syria | AP

Turkey has confirmed that its military has attacked the main Kurdish force in northern Syria, a key ally of the United States in its efforts to defeat the Islamic State group.

The U.S.-supported Kurdish militia, known as the YPG, said the Turkish military shot at its forces deployed in the town of Tal Abyad twice on Sunday, using mostly machine guns. No one was injured in the shooting and the Kurdish forces didn’t return fire.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu confirmed that the military targeted the Kurdish forces in an interview with Turkey’s ATV television late Monday.

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