Deal No. 3 | Colonel Cassad


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As a result of the meeting between Putin and Trump, some progress has been made in Syria, so that the meeting can not be called completely empty exclusively for the handshake, which in many ways was overly discussed, precisely because the majority did not understand what Trump could expect. After a two-hour discussion of various issues, the parties agreed to expand the armistice in Syria by including areas in the Southeast – Deraa and Quneitra, where the United States will commit itself to cease fire by local factions, and the Russian Federation, with the help of the military police, will ensure the ceasefire of Damascus. Anonymous sources report that the United States will help to ensure that Israel and Jordan fulfill the ceasefire. The truce enters into force on 9 July. Regarding the situation in the province of Raqqa and in the south-western regions of Syria, there is as yet no concrete solution.

Ultimately, we have a mini version of the Lavrov-Kerry deal in its third iteration, where now without any praises, one can see how Trump will fulfill his obligations to control the crowd of various jihadist groups, to be unable to control Which he repeatedly accused the former administration. For Damascus, the situation is ambiguous with – on the one hand, he was doing well in Quneitra , even in spite of Israel’s military provocations, and on the other hand the campaign in Deraa turned into a long bloody meat grinder for exhaustion that did not bring significant results. But in other matters and without Quneitra , the SAA now has a lot of options for expanding the controlled territory. In Suweid, a truce is also likely to be established, but there is a factor in the “Iranian proxy”, which can cause complications due to the US-Israeli struggle with Iranian influence.

Ultimately, this transaction is a significant test that will determine the actual, not the declarative US policy in Syria. But on the fact of its implementation it will be possible to judge how productive this meeting turned out to be.

In the rest, there were no special breakthroughs.

1. Agreement to discuss Ukraine with the help of the special representative Kurt Volker appointed by the State Department. There are no significant agreements on Ukraine at the moment.

2. The DPRK agreed to discuss the problem further.

3. The US does not rush to repay the for the diplomatic property of the Russian Federation.

4. The issue of the transfer of Bout and Yaroshenko to the Russian Federation has also not been resolved.

5. An agreement was reached on the appointment of new ambassadors – Kislyak and Tefft go home.

6. As a minute of humor, Trump asked Putin if he had interfered in the American elections. Putin noted that he did not interfere. I wonder what it would be if another answer had followed.

In general, everything went according to the minimalist variant. There have been some progress, but there have not been any major breakthroughs, except that Ukraine burned out that Poroshenko was given 6 minutes, and then the meeting was more than two hours, including Ukraine without Ukraine. Tillerson on the basis of the positive attitude of the meeting and that the parties did not want to part with each other, which led to the fact that the Prime Minister of Japan was forced to wait patiently while behind closed doors discussed Syria and Ukraine, for which Putin officially apologized for himself and for Trump. Tillerson also said that Trump’s wife was trying to interrupt a protracted meeting, but she did not succeed.


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