Alexander Dugin: We can solve the issue of the territorial integrity of Serbia

– Alexander Gelievich, why on the complex, contradictory, multi-confessional Balkan peninsula was chosen for the presentation of the local branch of the International Eurasian Movement?

– Although in the core of Eurasianism historically there are Russians, Eurasianism is a very open, polycentric model. The presentation on Vidovdan in Serbia is associated with very deep, strong organic ties that exist between Serbia and Russia. For us, Serbia is the western vanguard of our civilization. Civilization is Eurasian, and Serbia is in some ways Eurasian. Although this is a European state, it is an Orthodox country, it is closely connected historically with the Russian state. It is connected with a completely unique identity, Balkan, in a sense Turanian, because many people came here to the Balkans from the territory of Turan in ancient times.

Nevertheless, Serbia is the westernmost avant-garde of our Eurasianism. It is no coincidence that Russian Eurasians were here in the “white emigration” in Belgrade. And Serbia is not just chosen for this. This is our observation post in the Balkans. However, this does not mean that the interests of other peoples and other cultures should not be taken into account in Balkan Eurasianism. Eurasianism tries to unite different identities, different cultural horizons into a certain polylogue, a multipolar system. Serbia, nevertheless, is for us a priority observation point. I want to draw your attention to this concept from Greek philosophy. In one of the Dialogues of Plato, who is on Mount Olympus, it is said that he is on the observation post from which you can look at all sides: to the south, to the north, to the east and to the west. It is such an observant point, a point from which Europe, Asia, the south of the Mediterranean and the north are very clearly visible. Accordingly, all this is reflected in the Serbian politics and culture. And you can call Serbia a center, an observation post in the West. There are other observational points: the Caucasus, of course, or Tibet in the east, Manchuria as the farthest East. But one of these observation points for Eurasianists is just Serbia.

We believe that it will be very natural and natural if Serbia becomes the center of attraction for other cultures. After all, Serbia is now seeking its place in the European context. And if now it becomes a point of attraction not only with the Republic of Srpska and Montenegro, but also with Slovenia, Macedonia, Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and all border states. With some in common Slavic, with others – Orthodoxy, with the third – history, with all there are some intersections.

Serbia can discover itself as that magical state that Milorad Pavic called Khazaria. His “Khazar diary” is not about Khazaria, it’s actually about the Serbian and Balkan identity, which combines different cultures, different religions. Many people think that Pavic in the “Khazar Dictionary” created hypertext or abstraction, a postmodern exotic corps. In fact, he created the project. The Khazar diary and other works by Pavic are a project of what Serbia can become. And here we interpret it as Eurasian Serbia or the Eurasian mission of Serbia: to become the center of a dialogue, a very complex, very deep, balanced dialogue between different cultures of the Balkans. This is such a Eurasian Serbia, which does not at all renounce its Serbian Orthodox identity, but, on the contrary, strengthens it, but at the same time it opens up and departs from the failed grossly vulgar nationalism. But it does not dissolve in the liberal Western world, but becomes an important element of the Eurasian cultural polylogue. Of course, I think that, perhaps, not all Serbs will be interested and fascinated. But the Serbian intelligentsia, the spiritual elite, the thinkers of “Serbia Pavic”, which will be composed of multipolarity, can. Yugoslavia, which broke up, was also an attempt, albeit primitive, but interesting, to create the Balkan “Khazar Dictionary” when different cultures create a mosaic, often uncoordinated and sometimes opposite, but a synthetic multipolar model. And I believe that such a Serbian Pavic – this, in fact, most closely corresponds to how we see the Serbian Eurasianism. That is, not a closed narrow nationalism, but a deep affirmation of the Serbian identity, with its unique mystical dimension, with its fiery love, dramatic and bloody and simultaneously beautiful Orthodox history, the history of sacrifice and courage, wars, sufferings, great victories, the creation of the Dushan the Strong Empire . All this is Serbian Eurasianism, and it is an extremely unorganized thing. This is not just a pro-Russian orientation, or nationalism, or opposition to the West.

In fact, the West itself needs, even more than we think, to be opened a new page, to help return to our own culture. Because in that inertial state, the West, the Atlanticism in which it is located, is destructive both for itself and for all peoples to which it influences. They want to treat us from ethnic conflicts in Russia or in Serbia. But look at how they treat refugees in France, the Czech Republic or Hungary, and how they relate to refugees in Serbia. They do not cause any protest, pogroms. And this is despite the fact that it is the Serbs who are rebuked in nationalism. Russia has lived with Muslims and other peoples for centuries, and we have no going beyond the scope of acts of nationalism. And people come to us to teach us tolerance, which are themselves from societies that do not have tolerance, despite all the calls giving the opposite result. Therefore, I think that we need to rally and repel this information attack, which the Serbian, Russian people, and the peoples of the East try to belittle, to show them as second-class people. And at the same time, when this pathological outgrowth of the West European and American elite is overthrown by our own societies, we must extend a helping hand to Europe.

And Serbia is a perfect springboard for being a source of dialogue with European nations. This dialogue – that’s what Eurasianism is, it’s not so much a matter of the state, it’s a matter of peoples.

– How do you assess the prospects for Serbia’s accession to various blocs and alliances with Russia, perhaps, to the Eurasian Economic Union, the CSTO and so on?

– In Serbia, a very important moment will be decided. Right now. Because Russia has become stronger enough, withstood the sovereignty test. After the annexation of the Crimea, the liberation of part of Donbass, our unchanging stubborn position in Syria, which gives its fruits, the authority and sovereignty of Russia have greatly increased. This is completely different than Russia in the 1990s, when we were really so weak that we could not come to the aid of the Serbs. We solved our internal problems. That’s why it happened with Kosovo, with the disintegration of Yugoslavia, and with inertia it happens with Montenegro. But I think that now is a completely different situation. Now Serbia is taking the final examination of sovereignty. Clearly, most of the Serbian political elite are not ready for this, but the people are ready. But the people do not know how to organize themselves, because he does not have political and media tools. In fact, the Serbs are now in a state of liberal occupation.

But it seems to me that the multi-vector pragmatic position that the Serbian leadership occupies is forced to take into account the Russian factor. Because the support, even nominal, of President Vucic by President Putin largely determined his legitimacy within the country. If this were not the case, if Putin supported the opposition candidate, this does not mean that he would be automatically chosen, but Vucic’s position would be much weaker. Vučić adheres to a dual orientation. And this we can understand. Direct confrontation with the west for Serbia is no longer possible. Serbs fought heroically, but could not defend themselves, and it was impossible, because the disparate forces. You can not blame the Serbs for retreating from their own honor. Maybe they lost the battle, but they saved their honor. Now there will be a very interesting moment.

Accession to the EU and rapprochement with the West requires recognition of Kosovo’s independence. This is absolutely illegitimate from the point of view of the Serbian people. But this is a requirement that the West will set as the main condition for integration. Russia, strangely enough, proposing the EAEC, CSTO or other unions, recognizes the territorial integrity of Serbia, which includes Kosovo. Therefore for us, Kosovo is not Srbija. This is not just a wish, it is a political position. We can fly to Kosovo if we get the consent of Serbia. We do not believe that this is a separate state, there is no such state for us. Union, political or military with Russia absolutely does not exclude relations with the West, economic partnership: Kazakhstan and Armenia, the members of the EEA, have excellent relations with the West and are not infringed on this issue. But if Serbia joins the Eurasian Union, the territorial unity of Serbia becomes a direct issue of the Russian Federation. Already with it, the Albanian authorities in Kosovo will already have much more difficult to negotiate, because we are a nuclear power, and this is our ally. Naturally, the question of how, how, what conditions, whether to hand over Kosovo at all or not, as well as guaranteeing the integrity and life of the Serbs in Kosovo, all this becomes the business of Moscow, a nuclear power with a huge potential.

And that’s how Mr. Vucic will choose between one and the other? Europe, which offers some kind of economic assistance, some social projects, gay parades and other liberal achievements. In fact, these are the internal affairs of Serbia. Like – well, we do not really, but it’s up to you. But if Europe promises something to Serbia: look at Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, who are thinking of leaving Europe, because it satisfies some requirements, and destroys certain aspects by introducing its standards in agriculture or industry. So, Europe is not a panacea for anyone.

But it’s good, for example, Europe offers some kind of economic support. However, the people will not see it, only debts will remain, as in Greece, there will be corruption of the people and society. But this must be paid for by recognizing Kosovo even more so. That is, to get a dubious service, you must still sell your soul – so it always happens to the devil.

And what does Russia offer? Russia may not be in a position to take responsibility for the welfare of Serbia, the economic one. We have gas, oil, and if the Serbs are integrated into our structure, we will build a model of the most favorable model for energy resources and other aspects. The Russian economy is not that weak if we calmly abide by sanctions. But we can not take responsibility for the economic stability of Serbia, as, incidentally, the EU can not. But the EU creates an image that economic issues will be resolved. We say that we can solve, we can help, but economically Serbia must cope on its own.

But what can we solve? We can solve the issue of the territorial integrity of Serbia. Pay attention: people in the post-Soviet space and around are trying to turn to the West to preserve territorial integrity (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, outside – in Turkey), they actually lose it. Where is Georgia, Ukraine? Turkey stands under the blow of Kurdish separatism. And those who want to preserve their territorial integrity, like Assad … He does what: “Vladimir Vladimirovich, I am entering into an alliance with you.” Vladimir Vladimirovich says: “We’ll fly to you.” And Syria is integral, a turning point begins. It is a fact. And America does not provide territorial integrity to its allies. This is a law that has nothing personally to do with Serbia. But if Mr. Vucic weighs this law, he will check how things stand, what will happen to his government, headed by such a progressive lady, if Kosovo is recognized. I think that the Americans are counting on this, that a new wave of civil disobedience, protests and the disintegration of Serbia will begin. There is still much to disintegrate. Therefore, it seems to me that he is sharpened like a scapegoat and forced to do things that sooner or later lead to his death. So did Assad. And when he realized that this did not pass, he turned to Russia. So do Erdogan. When Erdogan understands that no one except Russia will provide him with sovereignty, he turns to Russia. Vucic as a pragmatist will choose between preserving Serbia and himself (after all, he is from the Radical Party, and initially Serbian nationalism is not alien to him). At some point, he will be faced with the choice of how to go down in history: a miserable traitor who surrendered the interests of the state and will be cursed for centuries – and for the Serb this is important! – or join the Eurasian Union. This, of course, is a radical step, but this is the salvation of the country, Vučić himself and the Serbian political model. Now Russia is in such a position that this choice is not as risky as it would have been before.

When the Serbs acted more decisively, we had a confusion, Yeltsin, democracy. And when we more or less intensified, the Serbs are already tired, they have exhausted all their energy. It’s sad, it’s a dissonance of our political life. But if we look calmly and objectively at the political picture, I am sure that the choice in favor of the Eurasian Union and the CSTO is a very good decision. And at that level of Russophilia, which is in the throne, Vucic will have a legitimacy from the people. Can he decide, we’ll see. But when the fatal day comes, and it will be necessary to make a decision, either here or here, to go for Milo Djukanovic and finally break away from the Orthodox Russian world, or to preserve Serbia as a sovereign state and try to restore its territorial integrity. We will take Serbia as a whole in the Eurasian Union, and Kosovo will be part of the Eurasian Union. What is the territorial integrity of Syria, and we are fighting for it? We drop our hands when they say, “go out”? No. Pressure – spit on him.

We are accused even of the fact that we choose the president of the Americans. This, of course, is not the case, this is fake news, but this is an indicator: hence, we are strong. A strong partner, Russia, may be on the side of Serbian Kosovo. We in no way intend to infringe upon the ethnic identity of the Albanians who live in Kosovo. We perfectly understand them. We will not insist on any form of genocide, ethnic cleansing, the establishment of one religion over another. But the Serbs who live in Kosovo can be calm, because they will be citizens of a single Serbian state. Otherwise, Serbia will lose not only Kosovo, but also herself, the person, the Serb identity for which the Serbs in Vidovdan and throughout their history the Serbs have raised uprisings, perished, died at the great native Serbia. And the only salvation of this Serbia is the immediate accession to the Eurasian Union.

That’s why we held a presentation of the Eurasian movement in Belgrade on Vidovdan. This is a signal, an appeal, a declaration of an acute geopolitical problem. For the Serbian government and the people to be aware of what is happening. This is the last choice, the last chance.

I am sure that Serbia is an eternal country, sooner or later it will rise. But positions are easy to destroy, and we see in the Donbas as blood is spilled. It is easy to destroy a single state, and through what torments we have to go through to restore some pieces. It’s just as easy to say: everything, we recognize Kosovo. But it will be very difficult to take it afterwards. The genocide of all Serbs that are there, as in Croatia, will begin. Ethnic cleansing after the victory of the war party in the Albanians more than likely outcome. We, in order to prevent ethnic cleansing in the Crimea, announced the reunification with the Crimea. Similarly, in order to prevent ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, we are ready to make serious plans. We are a serious country. We do not want to conquer, conquer Serbia. We do not need anything from Serbia. We from the principle believe that with our geopolitical ethics, we want only liberation. We want order, legality and observance of the right to life for those peoples who are planned as objects of genocide.

– You supported the Serbs in the 90s, when there were military actions. We see their continuation, these are the elections in Kosovo, which you mentioned, where the leaders of the then Liberation Army of Kosovo won. Now there are other military actions: Ukraine, Syria. Do you see any parallel, or, perhaps, the continuation of the events in Yugoslavia in the situation that we are seeing today?

– Oh sure. There is a great war of the continents. The struggle between Atlantism and Eurasianism, the civilization of land and sea, finally acquired the character of the struggle for a unipolar world against a multipolar world. Therefore, all the wars that you mentioned, in the former Yugoslavia, and later in Ukraine and Syria, and what is happening in Kosovo are different fronts of one war. This is the war of the polar world, which is embodied in NATO, the West and the global elite.

Of course, Trump was supported in the US precisely because he criticized the unipolar globalist world. This is also very important, it is a sign that the American people are not identical with the plans of the globalist elites. That we have our supporters on the other side of the border. As the West has its fifth column in the face of liberals, globalists in Serbia, Russia or elsewhere. We also have our supporters even in America. After all, Trump was chosen not because of what he is or what he is doing now, but for the words that he then pronounced. And they were, if you will, Eurasian. He spoke of pluralism in international politics, criticized globalization, criticized interventionism and American imperialism, interference in various processes. He spoke of a return to that America, which was before Wilson, defended by Republicans-isolationists. Trump’s main idea: America must focus on itself. We do not want anything else.

And if there is support, then we have a chance that the pressure of the unipolar world on Europe, the Balkans, Eurasia and the Middle East will decrease. So far, we do not see this confirmation, but Trump’s election declarations were aimed at this. There is the same war, the war of the continents, that is, the continental level. One of the main fronts passes through the Balkans. And Serbia here acts from the land, from the side of the Eurasian civilization, from the continental forces. Performed and speaks at all stages of the struggle, because they fight not only for themselves, but also for us, and for the principles. And they oppose the unipolar world. The Serbian war is Syrian, Syrian – Ukrainian. We have nothing against the Ukrainians, but they have opted for a unipolar world, a black ruler. So this is not a struggle between Russians and Ukrainians, it is a war of unipolarity and multipolarity.

Very many things the Serbs could do when they were still at war. Serbs are wonderful warriors. But Serbs, in my opinion, often lack intellect. Sometimes it is possible to win by the mind and save the lives of the Serbs by using the will, courage, freedom-loving that the Serbs have, determination in upholding their identity, with the mind. A hero is another, he gives his life for his

Fatherland … But it seems to me that the Serbs are now in such a situation that they need to think first of all. One of the most important fronts of the great war of the continents is held in Belgrade, in Mitrovica, where the issue of the disintegration of the country is being resolved, because on that side there is an Albanian factor. This does not mean that the Albanians themselves are bad. The people can not be bad. But they are an instrument, a manipulation, and they do not so much defend their own freedom. They will pay for this, like the Ukrainians, they will lose everything if they continue the Atlantic policy. But they are just being used. And then they will be liquidated and demonized and them, then they will prove to be objects of bombing, it is already known. Croatian leaders of the national struggle against the Serbs – in prisons. Their Nazis closed their eyes, and when the disintegration ended, they were used, and they were in prisons. Now Croatia is a country with a zero degree of sovereignty. And where is their national pride? In prison. We must understand that this is not the struggle of the Serbs against the Albanians, or Croats, or Boshniks. Now a completely different war – a great war of the continents, and everyone must make a choice. And Albanians, and Croats, and Boshniaks. About the Serbs do not even say it’s our trench .. Although after the pressure of the West, the history of the defeats of Serbia is so strong that they are offered to throw out a white flag, go to capitulation and go to another camp. Politically, this is possible, from the point of view of the people – it is impossible. Now Serbia is before the last choice. This is the phase of the bifurcation, after which events will follow either one scenario or another. A very big responsibility on the political leadership of Serbia. This is not a game or personal enrichment, it is the fate of the people. I think now even ideological liberals should turn to their ideals and say: these people have their own right, these on their own, and these on their own.


One response to “Alexander Dugin: We can solve the issue of the territorial integrity of Serbia

  1. Eh, my former Russian brother

    Why have you betrayed me for so long?
    For almost 30 years.
    You must have thought that you are too big to even aknowledge my existance.
    And that you belonged elsewhere, with them, not with me,
    your insignificant former brother.
    And just as the Czar (Peter) cut your beards, you cut me from youselves.
    For so many years you didn’t care about me, you kept away from me, and yet, now you call me “brother”.
    Where have you been my “brother” when our kids were crying, when we were sleeping in shelters.
    Yes, in the shelters, my former brother. Where have you been then?
    Where you have been my former brother for so many years. I was yearning for you.
    I was looking for my brother, in vain.
    For too many years my former brother, you were on the other side, while I suffered alone without love.
    Without friends,
    Without understanding,
    Without compassion.
    Without you.
    It shouldn’t taken so much time for you my “brother” to find me if you truly loved me.
    I became the bastard of the world while you stood silent.
    And in your silence all your works went against me.
    All you wanted, my former brother, were the crumbs falling around the stranger’s table.
    Even that was denied to you.
    Everything was denied to you, my former brother.
    Your betrayal was a shame.
    Then, sometime ago we met again; you were looking for me.
    And yet I don’t buy your newfound love for me, my former brother. I will never trust the “brother” who betrayed me.
    Even the enemy I will trust more.
    Now I realise that you are a loser, my former brother. I’m tiny, yet in my heart, I’m bigger than you.
    You are becoming smaller by the day. That’s your reward.
    Finally, I’m free of all mental and spiritual dependence on you.
    I’m free.
    Former Serbian brother


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