Russia prevents condemnation of the DPRK | Colonel Cassad


It is reported that Russia prevented the consideration in the UN security Council of a draft statement condemning the DPRK on the grounds that Russian diplomats doubt that launched North Korean missile was an ICBM, not a regular medium-range missiles. On the formal side all the way – there is no accurate data about the characteristics of the rocket, but there are statements by the DPRK that it is MBR and there are experts who indicate that it probably is of ICBMs. It is worth noting that earlier Russian defense Ministry stated that North Korean missile did not pose a significant threat to Russia. The Ministry of foreign Affairs officially declared that anything not specifically blocked, but just have doubts that it is MBR, and if so, then to condemn Kim Jong-UN is not – they say we need to understand. It looks like a sophisticated diplomatic casuistry, which has caused the irritation of the US, hence leaks to the press about the “special Russian position”. But actually, no one promised that Russia will side with trump in the question of “punishment, Kim Jong-UN”.

The USA, because of the launch of a rocket hypothetically able to hit targets in Alaska, wanted to push through the UN Security Council a statement condemning North Korea for “aggressive challenge to the world community”, which was supposed to open the way to discussion on the practice of a new package of sanctions against the DPRK and most importantly, to create the ground for pressure on China, which the US demanded to have a stronger economic pressure on North Korea, that Kim ceased to launch rockets without any preconditions. Because of the special position of Russia before the vote is not reached and the debate continues behind closed doors. What about the problem with the condemnation became known, the characteristic symptom of irritation to Russia’s position.

On the one hand it looks a bit strange, because previously Russia actively for Kim not to have to stand up. On the other hand, it can be seen as providing a negotiating position before the meeting of Putin and trump, where the question of the DPRK will also be discussed and your consent under another meaningless condemnation of the DPRK (which allegedly agree even China, while everyone knows that Kim will still launch rockets – more sanctions – more missiles) may become a bargaining chip in Russian-American relations.Although if viewed from the point of view of political pragmatism, perhaps here we are dealing with a statement in the UN security Council interference in the implementation of the American plans associated with pressure on China, which obviously is the main purpose of changing American policy. Given the diplomatic support of China which was useful during the Syrian war (including in the UN security Council), we cannot exclude that this is just a favor in return.

If we take the situation in General, Russia supports China’s stance regarding the need to end the us-Korean exercises off the coast of Korea to stop provoking Kim (well, and to bring THAAD to South Korea). The logic is simple – less provocative action by the United States at the borders of the DPRK, less Pyongyang to launch new missiles. And when this de-escalation has already been some talks about some normalization of relations on the Korean Peninsula.In this respect, Russia has traditionally sought to act as peacemaker, offering the options of de-escalation, which does not need the United States, bringing with Kim scores because he publicly humiliated trump and seeking to use artificially created around North Korea crisis to the political and economic pressure on China.

But Kim has an alibi – since the borders of North Korea, the imperialists constantly conduct exercises and post attack ships off the coast, and constantly talking about the need to overthrow the regime of Kim Jong-UN, they give Kim carte Blanche (especially in North Korea) to any defense activity than it well is, shifting all the responsibility on the opponents. However, even in the West fails to convince everyone that the crisis only blame Kim Jong UN, who so imprudently jumped trump.This line is showed during the spring crisis with the approach of American Aug to the shores of Korea and the DPRK are unlikely to be abandoned, if the United States will not go on certain concessions, which they seek Russia and China. But not the fact that Washington listens to these diplomatic persuasion, especially after the public humiliation trump “which is threatened, but not hit” Kim and maxims about “American bastards”. Superpower status requires US more clear answers the challenge.But the fact that initially the pressure on the Kim Jong-UN was viewed as only one of the ways to put pressure on China, in addition to the demonstrative blow to Khan Sheyhun during the meeting, trump with the President of the si and, again, demonstrative reset the “mother of all bombs” in Afghanistan, where the influence of China in recent years also increases.

Hence the provocation with the entry of American ships in the South China sea and attempts to stir conflict between China and the Philippines. But as in the case of Kim, the US desire here is clearly not coincide with the possibilities. In response to attempts to aggravate the conflict with Duterte, China began to establish contacts with it, and after the Chinese put Duterte weapons to fight ISIS, he did said that the Chinese are now “good friends”. In response to US military activity associated with missile defense systems and maneuvers the 7th fleet, China is actively developing military infrastructure on the Islands in the South China sea and feverishly building a large number of ships, including a major that challenges familiar to US hegemony in the region. So that reinforced the position of Kim who “succumbed to the provocation of trump,” it is hypothetically possible to consider as another asymmetric response in a chess game. Well, Russia the party can have a number of things to play along.



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