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The DPRK has successfully tested a new version of its Intercontinental ballistic missiles Hwaong-14.

The rocket has successfully overcome a height of 2 000 km and flew a total of 930 kilometers in the direction of Japan.

Pyongyang has traditionally stated that it will continue to develop its missile and nuclear program to put an end to American threats of nuclear war.

Japan stated at the start of the next protest. Trump broke the rather vague comments about Kim Jong-un, saying that “‘this guy could and other things to do” and it would be good if China influenced him.

Quite a miserable position, taking into account the previously tolerated threats. Kim clearly felt the limits of the possible for Trump at this stage, and frankly enjoys it, demonstrating the relative weakness of the United States, who brought a club to hit but did not hit, and that did not go unnoticed in the region. It appears that an attempt be advertised at the expense of North Korea and to apply a signal to China (especially in light of the placement of THAAD in South Korea), was a serious mistake for Trump, what Pyongyang now never misses a chance to remind you as each new missile launched after threats to the United States to deal with North Korean missile and nuclear program, this is a deliberate slap in the face to the White House. In this case, the start was timed to the independence Day of USA. So to speak congratulated.

Missile potentially capable of hitting targets in Alaska.

Well, about whether or not to continue the launches or not, it obviously will be – as recently stated the President of South Korea over the deployment of the us missile defense system in their country “China has no right to influence what South Korea does on its sovereign territory.” Naturally, in the framework of this logic, Pyongyang has the right to engage on its sovereign territory what they believe is right. And need, North Korea considers the creation and modernization of delivery vehicles for nuclear warheads, in the event that apply to U.S. allies in the region unacceptable damage. In this regard, they clearly succeed in continuing to develop “sovereign intercontinental ballistic missiles”.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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