The bloody trail of the “Silk Road” | Colonel Cassad


Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhiev continues to dig out the subject of transporting weapons to terrorist groups in the middle East through the Balkans.
This time she has released an article devoted to Azerbaijani airlines silk way, which is used to transport weapons to militants in Syria.

Gaytandzhieva is not the first interested in the subject, where the terrorists get weapons, especially after the facts have surfaced of the involvement of her native country in this bloody business.

So not all Bulgarians share the policy of their government, what evidence is this material.

Gaytandzhieva via an anonymous source (possibly the documents released on the web some sort of intelligence, painfully textured materials) received a stack of documents demonstrating that the airline “silk road” used to transport weapons under the guise of diplomatic immunity.

The main plot is on the money of Saudi Arabia and the military campaigns associated with the Pentagon, Serbia, Romania, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and some other countries in Eastern Europe purchased old Soviet weapons under the formal pretext of supplies to the security forces of Afghanistan and Iraq. One of the major logistic points in the way of weapons to the final recipients were Azerbaijan. Formally, deliveries were carried out on civil aircraft with special diplomatic status that enabled it to avoid the checks of the goods transported on the merits, which was necessary to maintain secrecy. In Bulgaria, one of the main suppliers of weapons was VMZ Sopot.

For example, one of the routes to supply weapons to the security forces of Afghanistan looked so – Baku-Rijeka-Baku-Kabul.

Total orders only, these documents are more than 300 million dollars, and among the main customers of the “silk road” was an American special operations command (US SOCOM)

It would seem that such a sale of weapons to the Afghan government fighting the Islamic state and the Taliban. But then begin “oddities”, the Plane with weapons for the “Afghan police” in the form of a 122-mm rockets for “Grad” is flying to Kabul, and Lahore in Pakistan, where for two hours unloaded and empty already flying in Afghanistan. Supplies for Afghanistan is a campaign Alliant Techsystems Operations, the largest provider for non-us armies with contracts for half a billion dollars associated with Afghanistan.Transportation is carried out under the guise of “diplomatic cargo”, when in fact we are talking about thousands of tons of weapons to hundreds of millions of dollars.

In relation to Saudi Arabia all the more easier. There is no need to reinvent the strip in the form of Afghanistan and Iraq. Silk road carries weapons under the guise of “diplomatic cargo” in Saudi Arabia in Jeddah and Riyadh.

In 2016 and 2017 was 23 “diplomatic” flight transporting weapons from Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria to Saudi Arabia.

Weapons purchased in the Balkans or on the money of Saudi Arabia, either for the money the Pentagon certainly does not need neither the Saudi nor the American armies. What gets in Syria, is used for arming different Islamic groups still fighting with the government or in Yemen, in support of the war against the Houthis and Saleh. Some of the weapons then pop up in the hands of terrorist groups. Another possible scheme buy weapons for militants – weapons bought on paper for the Congo, but the unloading of weapons in Jeddah with the subsequent sending on the Yemeni and Syrian theater.

Mortars, mines, SPG-9 and GP-25, which was supposed to go to Congo, after the “diplomatic flight” to Jeddah surfaced at one of the depots of the Islamic State in Mosul.

The 12.7 machine gun Coyote moved in Idlib through Saudi Arabia and Turkey a few months ago.

Hand grenades and shots to them, delivered from Azerbaijan and Bulgaria to the Ministry of defense of Saudi Arabia was used even in official propaganda of the Caliphate.

In addition to Saudi Arabia and the United States, such a “diplomatic mission” paid for by the United Arab Emirates. For example, in April “Silk road” from Burgas moved to Abu Dhabi nearly 11 tons PG7 (modification of the RPG-7)
Importer of weapons was made by a local company Al Tuff International Company LLC, which works closely with the American company Orbital ATK. At the same time, the army of the UAE is nominally the recipient of the goods, the main sponsor – Saudi Arabia.

In addition, the published documents have surfaced:

1. Flights to the Northern Sudan and the Congo with the transportation of armored vehicles paid for cash Saudi Arabia.

2. Shipment “white phosphorus” from Serbia and Bulgaria to Afghanistan – about 100-150 tons among of other goods. There is no evidence whether the cargo of the Afghan police or were loaded onto another flight to Baku, where the Board stood 4 hours.
It is worth noting that in 2016, Azerbaijan has accused Armenia of use during the fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh “white phosphorus”, when in fact, through Baku have been dozens, if not hundreds of tons of “white phosphorus”. The documents also show that “white phosphorus” was introduced in Azerbaijan in 2016.

3. In 2015 operates flights with weapons on the line Burgas-Incirlik air base (Turkey), who before the coup attempt were actively used to support the operations of fighters in Northern Syria. After the suppression of the coup, Erdogan and representatives of MIT, said that Incirlik was used as one of the centers of the organization of the conspirators and preparing provocations.

4. Also in 2015, were delivering weapons to Israel at a military base in Ovda. The final formal beneficiary the Ministry of defense of Azerbaijan. Made 14 flights in 40 tons of weapons, with long stops for unloading. Among the transported weapons – hand grenades and LNG. Second recipient of the Israeli campaign Elbit Systems. We can assume that some of those weapons went to the armed terrorist groups fighting the Assad government in the border with Israel, areas.Also for this channel was delivered to Israel the weapons from Serbia (the point of departure – Niches are among the range – MLRS and SPG – consignees are the same – the Azerbaijani defense Ministry and Elbit Systems).

5. Another strange case. Elbit Systems and Ministry of defense of Azerbaijan are trafficked from the Czech Republic batch of light armored vehicles Tatra, transporting her to Israel and out of transports in neighboring Slovakia. Carrying cargo the plane can carry 50 tons of cargo. It was stated 30. Carried anything else in this bizarre route is unknown, as the flight was “diplomatic” and in-flight inspection was not carried out.

6. Also’s represented is, the portion of the document on the transport of weapons paid for by Turkey and Saudi Arabia for a military coup in Burkina Faso. Some of the weapons destined for a military coup in Burkina Faso, subsequently surfaced in Aleppo and Hama. One of the planes intended for the DRC, landed in the Turkish Diyarbekir, a weapon designed for war in Africa, appeared in Northern Syria. Coup attempt in Burkina Faso was undertaken the week after the weapons arrived to the destination.You have to understand that if part of the weapons smuggled to Syria, a military coup could have a different result. Maybe future rebels just played in the dark.

7. In light of recent changes in American policy, the same channel is used for arming the Syrian Kurds..More than 300 tons of weapons were shipped for the needs of the YPG in Iraq. It was done 6 flights on 43 tons of ammunition from Bulgaria to the Kurds in Northern Syria. 82 tonnes of ammunition from Romania were transported to Erbil (Iraqi Kurdistan). Also delivered weapons to Erbil from Slovenia. The company is engaged in the supply of weapons to the Kurds has offices in Bulgaria (Sofia), Kirpa (Limassol) and in Erbil.The weapons that were delivered to the Iraqi Kurds (including those produced in Azerbaijan), and later surfaced in a video of the Kurdistan workers Party, which Turkey schitatsya a terrorist organization. The article implied that the fact that Ilham Aliyev is an ethnic Kurd, makes it easier to do business in this direction. You also notice one funny thing – the Kurds are in fact getting the weapons through the same channels, which until recently was supplied by those with whom they are fighting. – the full story (text in Bulgarian) – a copy in English

PS. I think after this material will be better understood the irony of attempts to present Qatar is the main sponsor of terrorism.

On the subject of arms deliveries via Bulgaria to the middle East:

1. Balkan px for the Middle East –
2. Bulgarian weapons in the Syrian war
3. Bulgarian weapons fall to the terrorists in Syria (since the release of this material, “Marian Danika” made some more flights with full processed).
4. Train with self-propelled guns “Gvozdika” in Burgas –

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