Aleksandr Dugin: The CIA Will Want Revenge After Erdogan Cleanses FETO


The star newspaper in Russian President Putin’s chief strategist, published an interview with Aleksandr Dugin:

“The July 15 coup was a U.S. scenario. It was prepared also in advance and the information was given to the PKK. FETO and the PKK and will attack and Turkey was to crumble,” he says. This information in your hands do you have? Okay, the second Dugin, “Russia and Turkey should not allow the Atlanticists to disintegrate the Middle East by cooperation,” he says. On the other hand, from Russia, “Turkey okay with S400 missile sales, in order to have made joint combat aircraft,” a statement was made.

NATO member Turkey to develop relations with Russia on the front you are about what is the situation?

“As a matter of priority with Russia in Syria, including defence co-operation. This need to include Iran. It is important to feed a political solution. For this, in the southern no-fly zone designed to create a safe zone to create a consensus. The goal here is to protect the innocent people. There is information that is conclusive of the coup the U.S. scenario, but there is no precise information about the impact. He also FETO with the PKK, the impact of pre-and post-coup is that they are in touch. We have a definite confirmation on this. Because before the coup attempt, the terrorist group “stop the attacks” gave instruction. But when the coup failed again, “keep shooting” said they had ordered. So, the impact of pre-and post between the conversation we know that. But we don’t have such a connection with FETO.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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