The point of attraction | Colonel Cassad


DDmiOUaXcAIi5k6.jpg large.jpeg

Mileage to Deir-ezzor from the advanced positions of the Syrian and Iraqi armies, as well as an Iranian “proxy.”

From Rusafa – 125 kilometers. (SAA)
From Arak – 145 kilometers (SAA + Chaballa + Russian mtrs)
From T2 – 105 kilometers (Iran’s proxy)
From al-Gualify – 105 kilometres (“Hard-SHAABI”).
The Kurds are the closest just 50 kilometers, but the release of the Deir ezZor they are unlikely to attempt.

On the one hand, in a straight line – 2-3 hours by car. Because of ISIS fighters, it will be challenging, although in the light of strategic changes on the Syrian theater, it is now possible with to advance to the heroic city, which has spent several years in a circular defense. The militants have less time in order to break the defense of the enclave, but I think at least one more attempt to eliminate the garrison of Deir ezzor they will take.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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