On the Arktos scandal | Akira

Usually I ignore the gay soap operas of the Alt Right, but the current debacle involves the fate of Arktos, the most important English language publisher of the New Right, which I have been a longtime fan and supporter of. I await John Morgan’s side of the story, but clearly the result is a disaster area full of toxic personal vendettas that are being prosecuted by all sides in the spirit of vengeful forum trolls.

I confess that I knew something was terribly wrong with Arktos when they hired Matt Forney to run Righton.net, and the departure of John Morgan has left a huge question mark about the future of the whole project. Given the lard bucket full of paranoid accusations against him from his former employer, I find it very easy to believe that John Morgan had good reason to seek better terms elsewhere, and he unquestionably had every right to do so. I will continue to follow and support the work of John Morgan wherever he goes. (Watch your back, brother.) I also hope for the best from the new Arktos.

The larger gay flamewar resulting from the Scandza conference has turned into an intramural tranny slap fight fueled by the petty personal grievances of the usual drama queens. From reading the threads it appears that the main complaint of both sides is that the other side is gay. The stench of moldy internet butthurt melodrama is thick. Accusations of snitching are being thrown quite freely and without even pretending to have evidence, and also everyone is a homo. (As if that is news.)

No offense, but I can barely even give you a fair hearing when your side includes Matt Forney. If I have to read his drivel or listen to his podcast to get your side of the dispute, you have already fucking lost. What kind of a “Nationalist Movement” is it that would put out a rape fan fiction peddling Manos-phere man-titty monster as its public face? Is this your conquering race? The Faustian Soul of European Man is a moldering basement slug?


To begin with, a real movement has to have solidarity with itself. The surest corrosive to such is the pervasive attitude of total malevolence and no limits personal vendettas that this flamewar has revealed. You can act like a leader of a real movement, or you can act like a viscous and deranged forum troll. You can’t do both. In a real movement your butthurt takes a backseat, which mostly means Shut the Fuck Up.

Everyone involved should try some of that next time.

Doxing is Snitching. Accusing people of snitching without evidence is no more tolerated in a real movement than snitching itself. The most effective way to completely normalize snitching is to constantly accuse everyone of it as a standard tactic. The people who do this can never be part of a real movement.

Leaking all kinds of personal and inside information about your latest hot gay scandal onto the internet is also snitching, unless your hot gay scandal all happened on Facebook, in which case the feds already knew all about it, and in fact probably have a clearer view of what went on than anyone actually involved (and copies of all your hot gay dick pics). The Fed in the room is your Facebook account, you fucking retards.

The bitter personal vendettas of the Alt-YMCA are not real politics. Alt Right Tranny slap fight night is not worth splitting over because it doesn’t mean anything. Splitting is necessary in the development of a radical movement, but it has to be about something. Give each a gun and twenty paces and be done with it!


Stauffenberg was Right!

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