Missile firing in Tartus | Colonel Cassad




Briefly on the subject of reports that in the area of Tartus, the Russian air defense systems s-300, allegedly shot down an American UAV RQ-4 Global Hawk http://chervonec-001.livejournal.com/190 3185.html.

1. Yourself rocket fire in the Eastern Mediterranean was announced last week. That is, the shooting was not spontaneous, but was made as part of some planned activities.

2. The inhabitants of Tartus actually saw missile launches in the area and allegedly saw the defeat of a purpose, which is reflected in the various testimonies which appeared in SOC.networks.

3. No official statements of the US and Russia regarding this incident yet.
4. By a “strange coincidence”, along with reports about the destruction of the UAV in the area of Tartus, the same UAV crashed in California

http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/117 55/us-air-force-global-hawk-drone-crash es-in-california

5. According to another version, was not shot down reconnaissance UAV, and the floating node connection EQ-4B

http://pentagonus.ru/publ/vozdushnyj_uze l_svjazi_i_retransljator_vooruzhjonnykh_ sil_ssha_2013/16-1-0-2465

As one of versions – Russian defense in Tartus shot down a US drone in the Eastern Mediterranean in Syrian airspace in retaliation for the downed su-22 and an Iranian drone, and the Americans tried save face by pretending it crashed in California. On the other hand, it may be just coincidence and these episodes are not connected, and shots were fired at other targets.






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