Building an independent thinking, not conforming to the authors, schools and analytical methods allowed by liberalism, Dugin’s ideas are often mistaken, especially in mainstream media, which connects almost instantaneously his name to controversies, even when he and his texts explain the real nature of his thoughts. This is what happens: he has been ridiculed and forbidden as either a fascist or a stalinist exactly when his attacks against the liberal worldview come neither from the right (as did fascism) nor from the left (as did communism). This proceeding is a perfect scheme for the molding of a liberal mind-frame: instead of developing a scientific mind by knowing, thinking and concluding, the status quo, in order to maintain itself, destroys people’s natural cognitive processes by replacing all reckoning for simple slogans and/or academic formulae, lots of derision and the appropriate bans. 

But the sources are there, it just takes some interest. 

Here is a sample of polemic topics.

Is Alexandr Dugin a fascist?

In his 1997 article “Fascism—Borderless and Red”, Dugin exclaimed the arrival of a “genuine, true, radically revolutionary and consistent, fascist fascism” in Russia. He believes that it was “by no means the racist and chauvinist aspects of National Socialism that determined the nature of its ideology. The excesses of this ideology in Germany are a matter exclusively of the Germans, …while Russian fascism is a combination of natural national conservatism with a passionate desire for true changes.”

This kind of claim has been used to rank him in the field of plain fascism, and therefore discredit his ideas among those who do not read his works directly from the source, but rather prefer to read his commentators. By doing this, very important points of his theories are missed, though:

a) the constant reinforcement of fight against any kind of racism in the building of a Multipolar World, including because Dugin considers racism the strongest feature of liberalism;

b) the necessity of also wiping fascism’s main characteristics out—State and Race—once both are fake constructs issued from Modernity and also its main pillar;

c) ultimately, fascism must be overcome because it is another political theory trying to deal with a Weltanschauung that is born inside the circle of the destruction of human diversity values.

Is Russia’s Eurasianist Project a disguised form of colonialism?

Dugin advocates the ideal of Empire for the Russian political organization, not to be simply compared to the Tsarist or to the Stalinist regimes, both lacking the deepest conceptual understanding of people. Although in terms of territory the Russian Empire could more or less equal those of the former political formations, what is involved here is the congregation of the same civilizational spirit, as it is clearly stated in many of his books (“The Fourth Political Theory”, “Geopolitics of the Multipolar World”, “International Relations”, “The Geopolitics of Contemporary Russia”).

Therefore, those who believe that Dugin advocates the return of a Russian empire filled with colonialist traits simply did not grasp the main aspects of his theories, where the only way in which one can live one’s own values is by reinforcing them in a political instance where, precisely, reinforcement of one’s own values is the norm, that is, it goes to everyone. Colonialism is just its opposite, being totally banished from Dugin’s thoughts.

As opposed to this, imperialism is a colonial practice consistently imposed by liberal power, issued from the Modern political system, in which all identitarian signals are replaced by the hegemonic group’s universals, by force or with subtlety (hard of soft power). That is how, for example, we have today something like a “progressive” South Korea filled with Protestants South-Koreans. Of course anyone has the right to choose their religion, but the question here is: would South Koreans have become Protestants outside the frame of a Unipolar world? Or yet: what would have been their natural choice within the frame of a Multipolar World?

Is Alexandr Dugin anti-semite?

Alexandr Dugin grew from an anti-semitic position, found in some of his early works, to a better understanding of the delicate Jewish situation within the heart of this very community, conceptually dissociating the Zionist Lobby from Zionist Jews and Jews in general: the first term refers to a geopolitical/political action aiming the destruction of sovereignty in the Middle East, which ultimately leads to a stronger situation of Russia’s strangling through resources isolation and military threatening. It is very important to notice that the Zionist Lobby is done and supported by both Jews and non-Jews in the USA and Europe, not consisting of an ethnic or religious property, and intends, of course, to enhance USA’s domain over the region by all means possible.

Zionist Jews refer to Jews who, having suffered from diverse kinds of persecution for centuries, sought to have a land of their own, where they could practice their religion, beliefs and worldview freely. The ways that transformed the land of the British Palestine into the State of Israel also became a matter with terrible implications in the geopolitical frame, creating divisions and mish mashing that are very well used by the Atlanticists (USA and OTAN); yet, it is a controversial question that needs to find place within the Jewish community, who is not to be attacked by Multipolarists, because Jewry too has to a have a place in a Multipolar World—although it is not clear, as stated before, how they are going to get rid of the Palestinian bloodshed that accompanies the creation of the State. Therefore, Multipolarists stimulate an open dialogue inside the Jewish community to solve this very important Internal and External Affairs problem, completely rejecting any sign of racism or prejudice towards Jews.

Two other points must be noted as of this subject. The first one says that many Jews are supportive of the Atlanticist moves, which go against every thinking and costume in disagreement with it. Once the Jews within this frame are usually overtly wealthy people, an automatic connection is made between money owned by Jews and both the will to dominate the world destroying ancient peoples. This situation is often refered to as “Jewish money”, a very wrong expression. Those who do not know geopolitics do not have instruments to differentiate this group, which stands behind many assaults against the costumes of many ancient peoples, but do not do so because they are Jews, from all other Jews, who would not agreeinly enter this bloody match in the same field.

The second point—a crucial one—regards the fact that it is only and precisely a Multipolar World that could give the Jewish community the conceptual shelter to its full and non-asssailable existence, once what it defends is the right of all peoples to a plain existence in accordance to the model chosen by them and by them only. No other theory, ideology or financial power sustains it.

Is Alexandr Dugin homophobic?

Alexandr Dugin is entirely against all types of discrimination and respects all kinds of persons. It is the political force created around the theme of homosexuality that he completely rejects, for he understands and disagrees where it comes from and where it leads.

The homosexual agenda has been used to promote the upcoming of the post-modern society, that is, a society where all ties to collective identity have been broken. As a matter of fact, it is the homosexual agenda’s goal to break a whole chain with a sole blow: the family, the religion, the body, the sex/gender. Homosexuality in itself is discussed in a very shallow way and a subculture where much money is injected is being promoted in order to replace traditional cultures (family, religion and so on) for something easily buyable. There is no record, though, of the pain in homosexuals difference being diminished with this replacement whatsoever, but the effects on the collective units have been strongly felt, for example, with new born children having refused their right to recognize their parents as mother and father, which has been replaced by “parent 1” and “parent 2” to suit homosexual “familying” in France and Italy already, as a sign of “democracy”—although it is easy to see that this takes away from the child their right to a human life as all their ancestors have had.

The word homophobic, it must also be noted, has been used exhaustively, being part of a lazy vocabulary already cited above, that is, it is used to diminish the person who has a non-liberal understanding of the world, leaving no room for the real diversity of opinions and views.

Ukrainian crisis

According to Dugin, the war with Ukraine is a continuation of the creation of a cordon sanitaire against Russia, which can be traced back from Gorbachev’s betrayal and subsequent Yelstin’s deliverance of Russia’s leadership to the fifth column, the orange revolutions, the Pussy Riot affair and the so-called Arab Spring. This time, a military junta controlled by Atlanticist’s interests made a coup d’État and is since systematically killing ethnic Russians living in the territory. The fight for the liberation of the territories with ethnic Russian population would then mean three things:

a) the stopping of an ethnic cleansing;

b) the Russian control over a territory that is part of Russian History, therefore with a very deep civilizational content;

c) safeguarding Russia’s protection from Atlanticist’s assaults.

These ideas are the conceptual fundamentals of Dugin’s strong support of a military reaction against the Ukrainian junta and were also the out-of-context reason of Dugin’s dismissal from his post at the Moscow State University, where he can be seen in a video claiming Ukrainians must be “killed, killed, killed”. He and many of his friends, colleagues and students tried to explain several times his importance as a Russian thinker and the context of this sentence, in which he was stating that, once the Ukrainian junta had only this one language—killing—, it should get the same response from the Kremlin. Proving, though, that even the MSU is in the hands of the fifth column, he was dismissed with a very poor excuse and remains secluded from the university where many of his ideas had begun to build a genuinely Russian Sociological and Geopolitical standpoints—something that is supposed to be the main goal of any university.


Some readers believe Dugin is against things brought to us by Modernity, such as electric light, cars and other machines, and wants to give us back to what was before—candle lights, cars, telephones, etc. This a very poor understanding of his thoughts. In philosophical terms, Modernity happens with the appearance of subject, that is, there where reason and will are present, superseding the previous framework. The results are, as we can easily see, the loss of holiness and sense of whole, with evil replacements: of God for Science, of relationships for money and status and of Eternity for linear time, in which everything that happened in the past is simply wrong and dispensable. Finally, with Post-Modernity another step is to be taken: instead of individuum, heavily constructed during the Modern era to support its main values, we are facing the construction of the dividuum, where parts of man take control over him and no more collective connection is possible, giving rise to a new kind of society: the post-society.

To be fully understood, all these ideas need to be read in their sources, because they compose a theoretical corpus that has been built over the course of three decades.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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