North Korean missile training | Colonel Cassad


DB2JhMHVYAAmVUD.jpg large.jpeg

The hit of the North Korean anti-ship missile.

The missile tests took place against the backdrop of increasing challenges around the deployment of U.S. missile defense in South Korea (local authorities, under the pretext of environmental issues stopped the deployment of American systems and left the sea of Japan American Aug. Kim the younger using the fact that threats to the United States at this stage was empty, did not deny himself the pleasure to continue launches of different rockets, each of which is a challenge for the United States. This Pyongyang as it shows that wanted to spit on the threats from Washington.
Moreover, North Korea claims that US threats associated with efforts to curb North Korean’s nuclear program will lead to exactly the opposite result, and North Korea in the light of US pressure, will more actively to design their nuclear club. Well all the doubters have arranged quite a lengthy demonstration of the available range of weapons.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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