U.S. strike on Iran’s “proxy” | Colonel Cassad




USA launched the 3rd strike on Iranian proxies to the North-West of Al-TANF. Claimed destroyed 3 guns and 3 200x. As was the downed drone, which allegedly tried to bomb rebel positions near which stood the American special forces.

The official U.S. position stated so we are not at war with the Assad regime (yeah, right…) and that forces, including Russian, but the At-Tapu do not come, otherwise the bomb will. And generally, we use At-TANF have long to fight ISIS.

In Damascus and Moscow do not agree and apparently, attempts to advance towards Al-Tantu will continue, which will lead to the intensification of hostilities in Sweida.

Judging by what is happening, agreement on the division of spheres of influence in South-Eastern Syria and no parties are aggressive redistribution of these territories, While the United States hinder the promotion of the Iranian proxy to At-Tapu, SAA, “Hezbollah” and Shiite volunteers prepare forced off a large piece of territory between the Eastern Kalamoon and the Syrian-Jordanian border. Plus, for all this fuss in the desert is hidden a profound struggle with Iran for a strategic opportunity to control the Syrian-Iraqi borders, through which Iran wants to throw a land corridor to Syria and create “a Shiite Crescent”.

In the desert, go sporadic fighting with the use of the entire available range of weapons, but both sides are clearly not strong enough to fight on so long the theatre of war. A solid front line there – of key importance is the control of the road network and a few settlements.

Iran in turn continues to be customized Shiite troops in Western Iraq, seeking to increase the pace of the lessons of border regions with the Iraqi side of the border. Baghdad as being dependent from Tehran and from Washington, stands in fact a bystander in this behind-the-scenes fight that could affect not only Sweida. Iran having a strong influence on the Shiite population of Iraq, always using it to fuel anti-American sentiment, until the organization of the soil to attack the “Shiite patriots against the American invaders”. But this is only the case if the conflict will flare up. Yet, the parties prefer to pretend that everything is fine and unfortunate episodes, although their systematic rather suggests that the struggle for strategic positions in South-Eastern Syria will increase.

PS. Plus continues to develop themes with extrajudicial killings associated with ISIL, which first accused “Hard-SHAABI”, and now all the regular units of the Iraqi army.
Read more on this topic here https://russian.rt.com/world/article/397860-irak-nasiliye-ubiystvo-fotograf-intervju
Regarding the topic “winners are not judged”, you may recall, during the entry of the Red Army in Germany, the Soviet command issued special orders cautioned from violence against the civilian population, in spite of all that the Germans did in the USSR. In Iraq it’s all much worse, and taking into account the religious and ethnic overtones of the conflict, to restrain such violence command is problematic.
Well, in the words of comrade Stalin about the criticism winners “”they Say that winners are not judged, that they should not criticize, do not check. This is incorrect. Winners can and must be judged, can and should be criticized and checked. This is useful not only for business, but for the winners: less arrogance, more humility”

Stauffenberg was Right!

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