Briefly on Syria | Colonel Cassad


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After completing operations in the area Maskanah, the SAA continues to develop the offensive to the East. Troops yesterday crossed the border of raqqa province on the southern Bank of the Euphrates, and gradually approaching the forward positions of the Kurds to the West of the Tabqa. The front of DAESH fighters is now only a fragile veil of separate units, which can only deter for a time, but not to stop the advance of the Syrian military.
In the video below, a General scheme of the offensive of the Syrian Army from the Giro to Maskana.

It is also worth noting that yesterday renewed attempts of the SAA to oust the militants from the North-Western countryside of Aleppo, in Anadan.

Plus a few photos from Maxim Grigoriev, who recently visited Aleppo.

Plus a couple of HOMS.

And shortly in Deir-ez-Zor.

Overall, the enclave holds, but the enemy continues to attack, trying to RAM the defense of the SAA in the area of “Panorama”.

The fighting is over the hills in the southwestern part of the enclave. Through them, the enemy seeks to impose the 137th base.

FSI Russian air strikes on the advancing militants. SAA in the last 2 days made several counterattacks to retake the positions lost during the offensive of the Caliphate 2-4 June.

The situation remains difficult for the SAA.

And one line.

To the South-East of Damascus, the Syrian air force lost a MiG-21. The pilot was killed.

The 4th mechanized division, took an active part in the elimination of enclaves in the province of Damascus, after the transfer. the beginning of the operation in Deraa.

Coming to the North-East of Palmyra group of the SAA is moving to the oasis Sukhna. Before he left, about 40 kilometers.

The assault on the Al-TANF is not maintained. Americans continue to fill up the area with leaflets, in which they urged not to come close to At-Tapu.



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