Briefly on Syria | Colonel Cassad



On Friday at Raqqa was killed a 22-year-old Solider from the 75th Ranger battalion of the U.S. army, Etienne Murphy.

Moreover, there are discrepancies about the causes of death according to one version, he crashed the SUV, on the other – died during the battle with militants of the Caliphate.

DA2VCHbXUAEmhj_.jpg large.jpeg

The official version – was killed when the car rolls over. It is worth noting that for a 22 years old he had quite a decent number of medals.
It should also be noted that yesterday in Sweida Syrian military shot down a us reconnaissance drone.
USA, in turn, on Thursday, killed 35 civilians in the North of Syria during the regular air strikes oalition-strikes-illegal/.
It is also worth noting the appearance of photos from the camp of militants near Al-TANF where the Americans are training militants allegedly “to fight the Caliphate” as-entered-southern-syria-to-train-moder ate-rebels/5589361

Well, briefly on the developments at Raqqa:

DA2OGNJXkAAxAgc.jpg large.jpeg

SAA continues to move South and southwest from Jirah. The front to South of the militants has been broken, so I think in June we will be able to see a kind of “meeting on the Euphrates”, which maybe even get some media coverage, when for example to demonstrate “unity in the fight against terror”, somewhere to the West of the Tabqa will be a meeting of the Russian military police from Aleppo and American units stationed in the area of Tabqa. In fact, there is only one serious obstacle to this advancement – the positions of militants in the area Maskaneh. If the rebels decide to hold the city, it is not necessary that it will storm directly – there is always the possibility to bypass it to the South and to continue progress on the road of Aleppo-Tabqa.

DA1E4xBXgAEcILN.jpg large.jpeg

Maskaneh is essentially the last large settlement in the province of Aleppo controlled by the Caliphate. The key question is how will be redistributed territory painted in black color between SAA and Kurds and where there will be a formal line of demarcation.


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