Theses of Alexander Dugin’s speech at the conference “From the Atlantic to Pacific: for a common destiny of Eurasian peoples” (May 26-27, Chişinău).

• We live in the moment of cardinal changes in the world, we are at the key point of transformation of world structures. Most people today are living in the Lifeworld (‘Lebenswelt’of Husserl), not noticing these fundamental transformations. Today there is not just a clash of globalists and populists, but the clash of the deep philosophical paradigms. First of all, we need a philosophical explanation of what is happening.

• It is necessary to re-think the Western pattern of thinking: Western modernity is coming to its end, we are living today in the “completion” of modernity, in this process, which is now unfolding in history. The globalists try to transform this into an eternal process, they do not offer a new world order, but they offer a new chaos. This is a new strategy of destruction: inevitable, thoughtless.

• We are approaching the end of the “human”. The globalists propose to migrate to the post-human plane in order to strengthen and prolong their power and domination.

• This moment of “the completion of the world” is certainly an eschatological one. This “ending end” is the name of today. What ends? Modernity, which tries to place itself as a unique opportunity of the development of the societies, struggling against the sovereignty of eternity. Today, a war is unfolding between the sovereignty of the eternity and the imperialism of  the time. ‘Time against the eternity’ is the motto of the war of the modernity against tradition. The whole ontology of Modernity is built on the understanding of time as progress. But modernity at some point plunges into crisis: eternity is destroyed, nihilism is coming. ‘Time’ today reaches its internal boundaries (its limitation is eternity). The problem of the current world political and philosophical crisis is not accidental, it is a systemic failure, the end of the system, the fundamental crisis of our time. The source of the crisis is the philosophical and ideological bases of the Modern Age.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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