Syrian Kurds bomb Turkish army base | ARA

ARA News

Syrian Kurdish fighters of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) on Thursday shelled a Turkish army base near Afrin district northwest of Aleppo, military sources reported.

“In response to the Turkish aggression against our people in Afrin, the YPG targeted headquarters of Turkey’s military with heavy artillery,” a YPG spokesman told ARA News.

At least one Turkish soldier was killed and several others wounded in the bombardment.

“The clashes continued between the YPG and Turkish troops over the past few days after the latter entered Afrin countryside in a bid to hit YPG-held villages,” the Kurdish official said.

This comes just one day after three Kurdish fighters lost their lives when the Turkish army hit a YPG security office in the Jinderis area of Afrin district, northwest of Aleppo.

“As our fighters continue their struggle to liberate Raqqa from ISIS terrorists, Turkey’s military intensified its attacks against our headquarters in Rojava,” the YPG General Command said in a statement. “On Wednesday, the Turkish shelling caused the death of three YPG fighters and the injury of several others in Jinderis area of Afrin.”

Reporting by: Dilber Issa

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