The defeat of the Sudanese mercenaries | Colonel Cassad



While the Saudis were buying weapons from the Americans, in Yemen, the Houthis raided the Sudanese mercenaries, whose occupants were hired to reduce losses of their own armed forces.

The result was reminiscent of the attacks that the terrorist group “al-Shabab” launched on the Kenyan army in Somalia. When you love to joke about the fact that the Arabs are bad fighters, worth remembering that there are more African army, and there is the level of the bottom at times completely limitless. However, the Houthis against the background of the average Arab groups, distinguished by their rather high efficiency, which can be evaluated as “above average.” – more photos (including 18+)

It is not difficult to guess, the weapons the Saudis of course be necessary, although a good weapon is no substitute good infantry, what is happening in Yemen inevitably proves again and again.

Houthis good luck in the fight with the invaders.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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