Military parade in Moscow in 360 degrees| Colonel Cassad

The Village Of Fools

Interesting video from dress rehearsal of the Moscow military parade may 9, 2017. Video made in the format 360 degrees.


War Department first published the videos of the General rehearsal of the Victory Parade in Moscow with the use of technology “360 degrees” – the so-called spherical photography.

First time users have the opportunity not just to see the dress rehearsal for the main Parade of the country with the armor of the BTR-82 and on Board the Mi-28N “Night hunter”. Through the use of high-tech spherical format shooting, now while watching the video you can control the camera and, literally, “turning his head” look all around: look around during equipment movement and flight aviation, to look at the Red square and the capital from the height of bird flight.Unlike traditional video recording where the ambient is presented in accordance with the Director’s script, when viewing records using this technology z ritel he “transferred” to the point of shooting and chooses where to “look” yourself. – The impression of total immersion in what is happening on the screen. A special effect is achieved when viewing video with glasses or helmet VR (virtual reality).

Video was shot may 7, 2017 during the General rehearsal of the Victory Parade in Moscow.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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