The exchange of information | Colonel Cassad




Briefly about the ongoing hysteria in Washington. After the White House initially blamed the fact that he is met with Lavrov, later that trump and Pence smiled at the meeting with Lavrov, and then that they shook hands, Lavrov and Kislyak and took pictures with them “like old friends” finally came to the bottom of the case and began to Peschici administration for what generally was discussed at the meeting.A new charge at a meeting with Lavrov, trump “personally, Lavrov handed over secret data” about the struggle with the Caliphate, which had been collected by American intelligence agencies, without any coordination with the intelligence community and the country (probably Israel) that this information provided by Americans.

Well, you understand – “the US President is personally accountable before the Russian curators” in my office. In fact, contacts between military and intelligence agencies of the US and Russia on the basis of the fight against ISIS was not born yesterday, and the progress of the Syrian war, these contacts tried to formalize in the framework agreements, and to develop what was envisaged as one of the areas of cooperation between the US and Russia on Syria in the transactions of the Lavrov-Kerry, who twice was in 2016.But as with the Obama administration to negotiate ultimately failed, the issue of information exchange between Russia and the United States on the question of the Caliphate hung in the air.

Trump, when he went to the polls, has always stressed that the main enemy of the United States in Syria is not Assad and the Caliphate. Russia as always was throwing out a net to Washington on the subject of joint action against the regime of Baghdad, despite all other differences on Syria and Ukraine. That is, even in 2016 was created the prerequisites for further international contacts related to the struggle of the Russian-Iranian and American coalition against the Caliphate.Of course, those circles who were encouraged to “shoot down Russian planes in Syria and overthrow Assad by military means”, such contacts White House to the Kremlin is extremely undesirable. This applies both to the defense lobby and the Republican hawks, as the Pro-Israel lobby, which sees in such contacts damage the anti-Iranian politics, as the weakening pressure on the Kremlin is considered including how the connivance of Iran, which is using the Alliance with Russia and Assad, significantly strengthened in recent years, its position in the middle East and does not think to stop.For the same reason, part of the American establishment tied to the Saudi money, will do anything to even superficial agreement between the White House and the Kremlin does not arise. Hence this paranoid PR in the media, where even a simple discussion of operations against the Caliphate, is seen as a complete surrender of American national interests.

We must understand that all future contacts between Washington and the Kremlin will be accompanied by the same hysteria, and the omnipotence of Russia in the American press and its subsequent demonization, will become even more galactic in nature.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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