Flooding in Raqqa | Colonel Cassad


Officer of the red army


Briefly about the flooding of the capital of the Caliphate. Part of the suburbs, and Raqqa areas were flooded.

The Caliphate declares that the Kurds and the Americans have taken control of the dam at Tabqa, and have flooded the city, to make it difficult for militants of the organization of defense of the capital and the use of extensive underground utilities that the flooding will partially destroy or flood, which in General will lower the defenses of the militants in the assault of the city. The same applies to mine enemies on the streets of Raqqa. The Kurds claim that it is the militants who flooded the city to put the blame on the Kurds and the Americans, to slow the progression of operations in the area of Raqqa, under the pretext of a humanitarian disaster.And in General, waterlogged areas can hinder the use of technology and the actions of the assault groups, especially since similar tactics were used by the Nazis in the defense of Holland in 1944-1945. Who’s lying and who’s telling the truth – hard to say – both versions have their reasons. But as a fact, part of the Raqqa seriously impounded. About the fact that it will put the city on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe, I think it is needless to say.

The city itself has long been to prepare for the defense, the militants actively put minefields, digging underground utilities and underground storage of weapons and ammunition to the population as is usually in the way to leave the city to at the beginning of the street fights to use him as a human shield. Are commandeering civilian vehicles to use them after conversion as a Martyr-mobiles. A large part of the administrative machinery of the Caliphate evacuated from the city of Deir-ez-Zor and Central parts of Syria. In the city are military emirs, and the leadership of the security service of the province of Raqqa.

However, the rebels defense is not going and the occasional counter-attack against the Kurds or SAA will continue – part of the militant groups from the Caucasus and Central Asia not pulled and continue to use for action on the South Bank of the Euphrates.

In the near future, a map of the neighborhoods of Raqqa will be very relevant.

The Americans and under their control, the Kurds continue to “crimp” Raqqa in the North-West and East. In a number of areas to the outskirts of the capital of the Caliphate remained from 2.5 to 5 kilometers.

The US and the Kurds continue in turn to expand the bridgehead on the southern Bank of the Euphrates, and continued to occupy towns in the assumption of Raqqa. The supply of equipment for SDF/YPG are continuing, in desert areas, where the actions of mobile groups, small arms and ammunition dropped from a military transport aircraft. Operations of US special forces supported by helicopters and planes with bases in Rojava. In General, everything goes in line with the old trends associated with the creation of operational assumptions associated with the assault on Raqqa. Formerly the deadline is obviously frustrated that the Caliphate can certainly burn itself into an asset, but strategically it doesn’t change anything. Winning 1-2 months is unlikely to allow the Caliphate to significantly change the balance of forces around their capital.

Hit from anti-tank to the group of Kurds – 4 200x.

The American freighter delivering munitions to the Kurds.

Bomber Caliphate and attack.

The Americans with Kurdish flags.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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