Again, the DPRK conducted missile tests | Colonel Cassad



Despite tensions and threats from the US, Pyongyang once again conducted missile tests. This time with the start of the North Koreans all came together and the rocket flew into the sea of Japan, falling outside the Japanese territorial waters. Japan in this regard have already protested. In South Korea, said that so far can not determine the type of missiles launched. In Washington yet keep quiet.

In fact, Kim was trying to demonstrate his strength, and he did not budge. Now he is feeling the limit of his opponent, and every following launch demonstrates American weakness and strengthens Kim’s position in his country – here’s a look that our Supreme commander, under pressure of the imperialists does not bend and is pursuing an independent policy. But on the other hand, all this activity is that after the sabre-rattling from Washington remains unanswered, undermines the image of the United States, showing their relative weakness. It is highly likely that such a firm stance Kim is provoked and fueled not in the least by China, which thus is their game against US bases in Japan and South Korea and undermined the U.S. position with a view to a more global struggle for dominance in the South China sea, where the U.S. plans to cooperate with the “colorful guy” from Manila did not go unnoticed. Open conflicts with the U.S. China doesn’t want, so the conflict between Washington and Russia, Iran, North Korea and several other countries are satisfied with Beijing, as his path to strengthening the global position does not provide direct deal with the current weakening hegemon who is mired in this fight on multiple fronts, as long as global influence is inexorably slipping away. The crisis around North Korea gives China some room for adjustment of its relations USA without going to an open conflict, where in order to answer threat to the threat, does not need a rigid application of the “Xinhua”. Enough to Kim to launch a few missiles into the sea of Japan and the Ministry of foreign Affairs of China then we will say that it would be good to bring from South Korea THAAD, and urgently needs an international de-escalation, with the condition of termination of the us-Korean exercises. Ultimately, if the US is a way to Flex its muscles and put pressure on China, for China, it is a way to probe the limits of the possible in relations with the United States, where unyielding Kim causing the fire itself, reveals what is now the United States is ready, and what not.For this closely watched key countries, which are also very interesting to know – how much more strong the United States and that in dealing with them to do for you, and what is not.

The regime of Kim Jong-UN, which inadvertently tried to push trump, this confrontation of giants of course will not fail to derive multiple benefits, strengthening in the first place their negotiation positions, which is already reflected in the fact that the White House started to talk about a hypothetical meeting with trump, Kim Jong-UN. The old rule policy works – foremost strong. Kim showed his power, so that it is as before will be considered. The main thing that is commendable confidence Kim does not become hubristic, which may have adverse consequences for the entire region.


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