Deconstructing Europe. Reconstructing Europe. Sun Government



Deconstructing Europe

Reconstructing Europe

Conclusion: Sun Government


Part 1. Deconstructing Europe


Present Europe is a dead end. The impasse of the history. She is not any more European. She has lost its profound roots. For any European with clear historic consciousness our time is but great disaster.

So we need to identify the essence of her illness, delve deep into its sources and to propose the way out.




The present Europe is based on the open dominance of the liberal democracy in its most radical and intolerant form. The liberalism of Anglo-Saxon origin is imposed on the European society in totalitarian way. You are obliged to be free but only in liberal way. You can choose to be left liberal, right liberal, and sometime far left liberal – in the extreme case far right liberal, but liberal nevertheless. The free market economy, the ruling role of financial international elite, the most radical anti-social individualism, the blind creed in the technical progress, the gender politics and uttermost form of secularism are regarded as absolute axioms for ruling class which set them through political power, educational system, the control on information resources and mass media as the axis of the normative system.

New kind of totalitarianism is not any more communist nor fascist. This time it is liberal, liberal turns to be totalitarian as well as other products of political Modernity led to their uttermost conclusions. It is third totalitarianism imposed universally by liberal political class. Liberal democracy is only one possible kind of democracy but today it is inflicted as the sole possible.

The liberalism was not always totalitarian. Confronting the other types of totalitarianism – communist and fascist ones – it seemed as logical way of liberation and was really liberating. Now in the absence of the properly constituted enemy it has revealed its totalitarian nature. The liberty can be imposed from above. Such kind of imposed liberty with the detailed instruction as how to use it can be but dictatorship. The liberty is slavery when we are devoided of the right to question its foundation. Try to question them, after that sit back, relax and see what will happen. Immediately you will be identified as “fascist” or “Stalinist”, “sexist” or “terrorist” – i.e. some version of enemy of the open society. It is open only for those who are ready to accept it as such. For all the rest it is quite closed – as all totalitarian systems use to be.

So present day Europe is ruled by liberal elite – ideologically, politically, culturally, philosophically, technically. They can be left wing or right wing they are essentially the same.

This liberal elite represents a germ of the Global Government, trying to rule the world with no sanctions for that. The Europe is regarded for such elite as pure territory to hold and to exploit. The global liberal elite is not European and is working not for European interests.

So dominant liberalism is responsible for present status quo. Those who are quite happy with it should be grateful to this liberal elite. Those who aren’t are free to challenge it.

That is the liberalism of Anglo-Saxon kind that is responsible in any sense for the present day state of affair in Europe. Let us fix this point. It is essential.




Geopolitcally present day Europe is atlanticist entity. In the dual geopolitical frame of analysis contemporary Europe is exclusively the civilization of the Sea under the control of the Sea Power.

That means that the leading role in the geopolitical agenda and definition of strategic options are global interest of USA and its global military infrastructure. The Europe is not lesser partner in this system is a kind of geopolitical vassal under patronage of the Washington, its client. Atlantic community is America-centered concept of civilization. The Anglo-Saxon interests form the pole of its ramification where Europe is but extended military base. The vassal should follow the path obtruded on him by the Great Brother. The Europe fought against fascist Big Brother, communist Big Brother, there the American Big Brother has come. Atlanticism is asymmetric partnership that imposes on Europe the strategic vision that excludes from the very beginning any possibility to think the geopolitical issues  — in Mediterranean, in Eastern Europe, in the Middle East, in broader context of Eurasia —  independently. What is good and right for USA is good and right for Europe: the is the law of atlanticism.

As a parallel to situation with liberalism the geopolitical state of affaire is quite similar: in front of ex-URSS as probable menace the American security was partly justified (but some great European minds – as for example General De Gaulle always doubted it) but today it is quite obsolete and outdated from the strategic point of view. So atlanticism alienates Europe from her proper geopolitical identity.




The present day European economical system is based on the financial capitalism ruled by the global oligarchy elected by nobody and following the interest that have nothing in common with the real interests of European societies, exploiting the labour resources from the entire world and neglecting the justified need and expectations of the European middle class. Instead of growing the European middle class is diminishing. The spirit of enterprise is going down eradicated by huge multinational corporation that let no place to private initiative. The capitalism in its present stage is dismantling the last rests of social politics in Europe but at the same time it benefits not only the rich one on the behalf of the poor, but hyperrich on the behalf of all other.

The financial capitalism based on research of super-profit and overestimation of the speed of exponential growth conceived as illimited accumulates huge amount of toxic assets that from time to time produce terrible crisis whose price pay householders and States instead of the financial market speculators and multinational corporations.




The contemporary culture of Europe is a real disaster. The genius of the Antiquity, the spirituality of the Middle Age, the daring of Renaissance, the titanic vigor of Modernity, the deep psychological concern of European avant-guarde art – all that vanished in front of the tsunami of simulacra and parodies, hollow, morbid, poisonous.

The cultural values have reached the purely individual dimension outside of which nothing concerns anybody leaving the culture and art out of the possibility of communication, desocializing them. The liberation of individual from any form of collective identity – as the goal of post-modern culture and ultra-liberal values – today worked on the level of religion, nation, ethnos, state belonging; today it has come to gender (being also collective identity), leaving humans more and more lovely. Tomorrow trans-humanism will end up with last form of the collective identity – with the belonging the human genus.

The culture based on the radical liberation and liquidation of any form of collective identity is losing tremendously its humanistic content, deshumanizes people. The traditional beliefs, family, cultural heritage all these is mocked, marginalized and rendered optional.

The material or hedonistic (becoming more and more virtual) concerns become the only criterion of values.

Not only traditional values are destroyed and condemned, the humanistic Modernity is judged to be  inopportune and obsolete. Instead we have only one universal advise – free yourself! Free from what? From everything? Free what for? For nothing! That is the overwhelming nihilism of contemporary Europe that prevails.




The Europe is losing her identity. There are no more nations, peoples, cultures, confessions and religions – only territories with purely numeric population devoided of any qualitative characteristic. The be European today is the same as to regret its roots, to have shame for the European history, its deeds and its greatness. The be normative European today means to hate historical Europe, to contempt contemporary simulacrum and to love its final dissolution in post-ethnic One World global society. The Europeans can not be proud of their identity, they simply have no right to have one. The only identity permitted is the individualistic one, purely formal, exalted by human rights ideology.

Hence the immigration that follows directly from this purely quantitative approach to the human. The immigrants are conceived as pure individuals without any distinct identity – just humans. This way the are deshumanized. But the rest of the European society is deshumanized as well. For them also it is prohibited to have the proper identity beyond the individuality. So they cease to be European qualitatively, being them only quantitatively – exactly as immigrants. But the immigrants have some preferences here: they are supposed to have certain time of adaptation in order to loose their former identity. The aborigines of Europe have no such treatment they are thought to show example as to loose the links with the past and indirectly push the immigrants in the same direction. The only accepted identity in the present day Europe is to have no identity at all. When European or immigrants revolt they are immediately suppressed by the system: the immigrants another time less hard.


Part II. Reconstructing Europe


If the present situation continue the final collapse of Europe is inevitable. Moving by the same route Europe will disappear soon as the culture, civilization, sovereign geopolitical entity, historic community of destiny.

Understanding quite well the depth of the contemporary catastrophe we suggest some solutions that could be regarded as sketch of the alternative.




The ideological and political essence of the contemporary catastrophic situation in Europe being the liberalism in all its meanings, we need to create the opposite political-ideological platform. The present day dominant liberalism being not left, nor right, this alternative can not be right or left – it should be as well to be nor right, nor left. It should be constructed as a kind of Anti-Center, inviting any antiliberal tendency to join the camp. Historic alternatives to liberalism – the communism and the fascism, as well as traditionalism and radical conservatism earlier – have all lost the battle. To appeal to them once more is to prolong the life to liberals who have won the real enemies and will win their post-modern simulacra much more easier. New antiliberalism can not be communist, socialist, fascist or traditionalist. Wee need quite new ideological doctrine.

All classical political means are ineffective in the struggle of global liberal elite. They not only control the existing European societies they manage to emulate them, insisting on virtuality that turns to be the only reality available.




Geopolitically we need to create continental vision of Europe as Land Power, not Sea Power. That could be based on many historic examples – from the ancient Roman, Greek, Сeltic, Germanic or Slav oikumenes to Charlemagne or Napoleon. The European Union geographically is good thing because of the main idea of put European peoples together, but in present situation the basis of this unification is not spirit, tradition, common goal or idea – only material financial concerns and highly dubious moral principles now not unite but agglomerate Europe, being the assembly of the doomed not that of the Great Project.

The continental identity presupposes the independence form the Sea Power, USA and Anglo-Saxon global strategy. The England in its roots and after ceding its mission to USA can be part of it or to stay out. The most important is to claim geopolitical sovereignty and independence to follow its own strategy evaluated from the European and not atlanticist point of view.

The continentalism being realistic can not predict the concrete alliances but generally should established the proeuropean axis with all the great spaces tending to affirm their independency in the frame of global multipolarity.

The continental Europe can exist only in the context of multipolar world.

The exit of the NATO and the creation of independent European Military and Security System is the only solution.




The post-modern capitalism is a disaster. It will end in global catastrophe destroying the planet and its social, ecological and economic infrastructure. It is based on the non critical belief in the illimitate growth. We need to oppose to that alternative concept that could include different solutions starting from mild ones (Keynes or Friedrich List) up to decroissance, ecological, autonomist and so on projects. The economy with capitalism has become the destiny. We need to put it on its due place – its nothing but one of the tool of mankind to fulfil its mission on the earth. The tool can not be the goal in itself, it should serve and not rule. So economy and material side of life should be relativized by politics, culture, moral and education. The contemporary capitalism creates not only offer but demand. It is based on the insane greed and strive to the completely fictitious and unnecessary goals. Not the satisfaction of natural needs, but artificial run for luxury is the motor of this perverted economistic ideology.

The economy should be put back on the secondary level of concern. It is ill paranoia now. French sociologist Louis Dumont has shown quite opportunely that most successful economically regimes of the Modernity are those that paid less attention to economy and more – to the psychology. The economy overestimates the material side of human being, it is materialistic vision of the world and the man. We need more complex attitude where the economy should be part of the whole and not the absolute obsession. We need to speak less about economy and more about society, humanity and being. The economy should not be economist, but existential.




In order to revive Europe culturally we need to change present system of values. The Modernity and its Post-Modern turn are wrong. We should be bold enough – but Europeans in the past were very bold – to say it openly. It is needless to insist that we were right when it is quite obvious that we weren’t. Precisely we have committed the fatal error choosing the Modernity instead of the Tradition, or may be we have chosen wrong Modernity. Nevertheless the error was made and sooner we start to improve it the better.

We can not save the normal (classical) sex, natural family and tomorrow human identity struggling only for them and continuing to share the other premises of the Modern Weltanschauung. We can not save the family without the national context, nor can we save national State without the religious spiritual mission. We should come back exactly to the same point where all this has begun. It is very important step. We need to revise the Modern culture and the Enlightenment’s values. The idea of liberation of the human from any form of collective belonging was false idea, because it provoked the liberation of the human being from his humanity –- that we clearly see now. The man is naught without other – society, nation, Church, God. It is the Other that makes ourselves what we are. So cutting the thread with Other we are committing the suicide. Present Europe culture is suicidal cultural. The alternative culture should be found in the past —  not as restoration (that is impossible) but as reopening of the source of the Eternity. The modern values are based on time. They preclude the eternity. The Tradition opens the ways to the Eternity. So the real Tradition is eternally young.

Millions of people now in Europe are engaged in the effort to save the family. They spend their efforts in vain struggling for their case as isolated issue. They can not save family without saving larger traditional context form liberal individualistic aggression – the society, the nation, the Church, the State. In order to save a little part of the tradition (the family is the last remnant of the traditional institution) we are obliged to save (to restore) all Tradition. The Tradition as something that doesn’t belong to the past, but that belongs to the Eternity.




The European identity should be reaffirmed. The European roots are in Mediterranean Greco-Roman cultures, in the traditions of Celtic and German ancestors. The European identity has long glorious and dramatic history encapsulated in the great building of historical knowledge and spiritual art. This heritage is to be freely accepted and reaffirmed in all its richness, in all its paradoxical turns and weaves. The history, language, arts, beliefs of the Europe should be known and understood (interpreted in the thousand ways) by the core of Europeans. The Christianity represents the highest spiritual point in the European history that has assimilated the most precious aspect of the ancient epochs and predefined the most profound sides of the Modernity giving to it the tragic and martyrous features. In the final count the Modernity is the test, the trial that helps to distinguish the elected from the damned. And that is its spiritual sense: who can afford to endure the nihilism of European Modernity and to win it, returning to the Sacred, is a real European. All the rest is not worthy to be call by this name.

The Europe is abducted. Once more. Our exploit is to find her and to save her.

The problem with immigration can not be resolved without the solution of European identity problem. But if we imagine the strong European identity reaffirmed immediately we receive the criterion how to judge the immigrant acceptable or not. If someone willing to live in Europe accepts European identity – language, culture, spirituality, the mode of thinking, the behavior and so on – he (she) can freely live in Europe – if not, he (she) is free to leave it. There is no other way out: with liberal ideology being dominant we lack any possibility to cure the situation. The answer for immigration is Tradition. Or You accept Europe as a whole, or You don’t. That’s all. Europe is the spiritual destiny to be lived or to be left.


Part III. Conclusion: Sun government


In order to put all this in the reality we need only one thing: the fundamental catastrophe. For those who see, who is already awaken, the catastrophe is here right now. Who is sleeping, mesmerized by the omnipresent liberal post-modern tale, will perceive that something definitively has gone wrong only when the catastrophe will be explicit and touch them directly. That will be no in one moment. The awakening will have the stages. The struggle for natural families in Europe is the sign that some small part begins to stir. The other good sign are the results of paneuropean elections with considerable growth of non-conformist parties voted by population and above all overwhelming victory of Front National. It is but the beginning. The inevitable economic, social, ethnic and political crisis will awaken the other. That will be soon.

But we need to act right now. Before the dawn. In the depth of the present liberal night. It is time to prepare our proper agenda – a kind a road map out of the Post-Modernity. We need to imagine new ideological platform beyond classical political theories – beyond liberalism (in all its forms – right or left), beyond communism and beyond fascism. All that belong to the past and reflect different side of the main error common to all of them – the Modernity. So we need to reaffirm the Tradition. European Tradition. The Tradition having its root in European Spirit and European sole.

The liberal have their shadow Government – the evil one. Let us have sun Government destined to appear in the clear day when this day comes and the night rests. The German philosopher Martin Heidegger has created the concept the Philosophy of New Beginning. So we are the New Beginners of the Europe re-emerging from the abyss of the present decadence.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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