North Korea launched a ballistic missile | Colonel Cassad



North Korea, despite a stream of threats against it, again went to the principle and made a new launch of a ballistic missile medium-range KN-1.

According to the Pentagon, the rocket after you start having some problems and she soon fell into North Korean territory.

Despite the fact that this is the 2nd failed launch of a ballistic missile for the last time, the fact that the launch demonstrates that North Korea is not going to abandon its missile and nuclear programs, putting US in an awkward position when it seems to do something (after voiced threats), and on the other side – scaring the USA unpredictable consequences of attempts to attack the DPRK. Of course, the US can as in the first case, to pretend that a bad run doesn’t count, but there is a question of principle – the United States require collapse of the missile and nuclear programs of the DPRK and Pyongyang is deliberately very significant and continues to develop directly in response to the threats and warnings from Washington, knowing that if the US can’t force the DPRK to abandon missile and nuclear programs in Southeast Asia this is obviously interpreted as a sign of US weakness. It is for these same reasons, China is in no hurry to follow the advice of Washington’s influence on North Korea because Beijing understands that since the introduction with the Sirat for President XI, pandering to the American plans against North Korea will be perceived as a weakness of China, which is trying to pull uncomfortable the conflict on the brakes, simultaneously trying to get rid of the American missile defense systems in South Korea. It is not excluded that all this feverish activity, the DPRK is intended to support the Chinese claims connected with the demands to withdraw the missile defense system with South Korea. The Americans refuse to do, and South Korea billed the $ 1 billion mark for the placement of THAAD on its territory, which the southerners refused to pay.

Therefore, it appears that it is not only and not so much that Kim Jong-UN must have some feelings, then all the more clearly manifested in absentia confrontation between the US and China and divided Korea serves as a point of collision of contradictions, which from the point of view of the American hegemonists  undermine the world order. Therefore, China, as a little earlier and Russia, to humble the pride and to give the question of principle. Well, the missile launches by Pyongyang to indirectly indicate that with the understanding (real, not declarative) Beijing and Washington a significant problem.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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