Kurds blow up Turkish radar station, Turks prepare to attack | AMN


VIDEO: Kurdish militants blow up Turkish radar station as huge convoy prepares to attack Syria

Chris Tomson

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (9:30 P.M.) – With many Turkish airstrikes hitting Kurdish-held areas of northern Syria again today, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) responded on Thursday afternoon by destroying a Turkish radar station across the border from Tall Abyad.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Air Force conducted sorties on the Kurdish-held villages of Susek and Gri Sur near Tall Abyad along with several positions in the Efrin area of rural Aleppo.

Turkish artillery units were also shelling both areas in what appears to be the fiercest bombardment on Kurdish forces this year.


According to a statement by the Turkish military, 17 SDF fighters were killed by airstrikes and shelling today. The statement added that 11 Turkish border posts were targeted by Kurdish militants today and said it would respond accordingly.

Meanwhile, the SDF reportedly destroyed its fifth tank in 48 hours with a guided missile launched on a Turkish Army trench across the border from Tall Abyad. Four tanks were immobilized by Kurdish forces yesterday.

The Turkish air raids are believed to have largely halted the Euphrates Wrath offensive as many SDF contingents have pulled back from the Raqqa frontline to defend rearguard areas near the border ahead of a feared Turkish ground invasion.


VIDEO: Huge rebel convoy heads towards Kurdish border town as Turkey gears up for offensive

Chris Tomson

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (1:00 A.M.) – The Turkish Armed Forces have reportedly drawn up plans to capture the Kurdish-held town of Tall Abyad and bring it under rebel control in a cross-border offensive comparable to the Euphrates Shield offensive last year.

Amateur footage emerged on Thursday, purportedly showing a large rebel convoy driving towards the Kurdish border town from the Jarabulus pocket through Turkish territory.

The Turkish Army has also amassed thousands of soldiers on its southern border, possibly regrouping to lead the Tall Abyad offensive. In the past 48 hours, Kurdish guided missiles have destroyed 5 tank, angering Ankara and causing concern in Washington.

Turkish troops have not yet been given the green light to launch the incursion upon Kurdish-held territory of northern Syria although the large-scale operation may begin in the days to come. 13 Turkish border posts came under fire from Kurdish militants on Thursday alone, a military statement claimed.

Al-Masdar News could not independently verify the authenticity of the video above.

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