The attack in Mazar-I-Sharif | Colonel Cassad



From Afghanistan reported that the Afghan army has suffered the biggest single loss in recent months.

At least 140 Afghan soldiers were killed in the attack of the radical movement “Taliban”* at a military base near the city of Mazar-I-Sharif in Northern Afghanistan, Reuters reports citing officials.

According to officials from Mazar-e-Sharif, the number of victims amounted to at least 140 people. In addition, many soldiers were injured. In turn, other officials say the death toll likely will increase.

Earlier, the Pentagon reported more than 50 dead in Taliban attack on base in Afghanistan. – zinc

According to local sources, the Taliban militants have studied the daily routine of the Afghan army, entered the territory of the base in the guise of servicemen. Two SUVs they passed the first checkpoint, pretending to be a combat group that is returned from patrol, and the second, a suicide bomber arranged explosion, after which 5 militants were headed into the base, where most of the soldiers were no weapons in the mosque and dining room, which explains the large number of dead and wounded. The Taliban also reported that the attackers were helped by 4 agent inside the base, which helped the attackers to kill the colleagues.

It should be noted that according to official figures for 2016-the year the Afghan army lost 6700 people were killed. With these stories, there is nothing surprising in these figures.

Now, the Afghan government expects to start a new offensive of the Taliban in rural areas, as well as new attempts to capture one of the provincial centers in the spirit of repeated battles for Kunduz.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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