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April 6, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Ship “Marianne Danica”, sailing under the flag of Denmark, to dock at the largest port in the Saudi Kingdom. 10 days ago (28 March) the same ship sailed from the port of Burgas, loaded with tons of weapons, shown by checking the “Work” on the website of the satellite tracking Marinetraffic.com. The ship declares that it is very dangerous cargo – Hazard A (Major) that according to the international classification of goods, transportation means explosives and arms. Hazardous cargo must unload and after 8 hours idle in the port of Jeddah “Marianne Danica” go back to Burgas. Shipment of Bulgarian arms is not and intended for Saudi Arabia, which cannot use it, as its army was equipped only with Western weapons.

In December M. G. “Work” was opened by the Bulgarian weapons made of VMZ-Sopot 9 warehouse jihadists from al-Nusra front in Eastern Aleppo in Syria. Grupirovka qualify as a terrorist by the UN because of the connection with al-Qaeda. Despite the ban on the export of weapons for war in Syria 2 million shells, 4 thousand rockets a CITY in Bulgaria fell into the hands of jihadists in Aleppo, investigations have shown us a place in Syria.

Chests with labels in the Bulgarian language, meaning Bulgaria, as country of origin and sender, contained 122 mm rockets CITY with a range of several kilometers. They are among the deadliest for civilians in Aleppo, as the fall in residential neighborhoods. In addition to them, the jihadists used a Bulgarian ammunition caliber 73 mm anti-tank guns and anti-tank shells of caliber 40 mm RPGs.


After investigation, us prosecutors began checking on the case, and we went back on the trail of a Bulgarian arms – from the port where it is exported – Burgas.

It turns out that this is only one of the regular courses Burgas-Jeddah-Bourgas, which are the ship “Marianne Danica” is carried out in recent months. According to the archives on the website for satellite tracking Marinetraffic.com the same ship sailed from Burgas on 7 March and arrived to the destination – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia March 17. Landed – and after 12 hours took it back). After arriving in Bourgas on March 28 in 9 hours. in the morning, “Marianne Danica” loaded a new batch of weapons and after 9 hours of downtime is sailed back to the Saudi Kingdom. Courses are repeated, without rest, like a ship without stopping anywhere on the way. Its only a few hours in the ports of Burgas and Jeddah. During the month the ship with Bulgarian weapons, did two courses in Saudi Arabia and returned to Bulgaria to transport the following cargo.


“Work” for a review of VMZ-Sopot, but despite our repeated requests have not received an answer. Embassy of Saudi Arabia stated that it did not answer the question of where Saudi Arabia sends out Bulgarian weapons, given the fact that saudisat army only uses Western weapons and Bulgarian incompatible with military standard Arab Kingdom.

In an exclusive interview for the “Work” of the regiment. Malik al Cyndi, the commander of the Free Syrian army, qualify for the ally of the West against the regime of Bashar al-Assad, says that Saudi Arabia along with a total of 15 States to supply jihadists in Syria with weapons in pretext to help the moderate opposition (read the full interview below).

The investigation revealed that the VMZ-Sopot has a contract for weapons from two us companies – a subsidiary of Chemring and her company Chemring Ordinance, and Orbital ATK. Both companies fulfill orders for the us government. Chemring e received a contract for two warrants totaling $ 47 million per square meter.g. for weapons that are not American standard (in this case Russian weapons) Program to purchase original equipment and ammunition. In a statement on the Internet saying that the gun, for the needs of the US and its allies. Another American company, Orbital ATK e received a contract for the purchase non-us weapons worth 50 million dollars for the same program, on January 27.t.g. Orbital ATK, not to answer the query, “Labor,” which “American international allies” to deliver the weapons from VMZ-Sopot. In the message on “Labor” from Chemring stated that the information is confidential, and we were advised to go to VMZ-Sopot.

Company, ship owner H. Folmer & Co, also declined to comment. The test revealed to us that this is not the first case when the same ship to mix in the transportation of weapons in troubled areas. According to rassadina on Amnesty Inthrall “Marianne Danica” drew tear gas and other weapons to Egypt to Hosni Mubarak’s regime on 26 November 2011. during the Arab spring, when hundreds of protesters were killed by forces of President Mubarak in Tahrir square in Cairo. The ship was hired by an American company, and after the scandal, the press Secretary of the US State Department confirmed that the American company even got a license for this export.

Malik al Cyndi, the commander of the free Syrian army exclusive correspondent of “Labor”:

15 foreign Ministers supplying terrorists with weapons


– How snabdevanje weapons?

– There is a headquarters Department, where 15 States are involved and which is based in Turkey and Jordan. Weapons to get to us in the headquarters, like us, we don’t care, we value your weapon to arrive. We predupredil particular, Americans and Europeans generally that the weapons that pass through the General staff of the Free army, go to the organization defined by the West as a terrorist organization. How to run this double game – on the one hand, these organizations were accused of terrorist acts, on the other – was equipped with a weapon with the General staff. It was surprising and alarming to us, but still no explanation. Even the structure of the Free army were deprived of the supply of arms and received very little. Those who received the weapons, I had to be with a certain ideology. In the framework of a particular ideology, I mean radical Islamist ideology.

More than 15 foreign services work outdoors on Syrian territory. Even the headquarters of the supply of weapons is under the control of these services. At the head of these departments of the United States, Britain, France and Gulf countries (Saudi Arabia, Qatar) and others. These departments control the guns that arrive before the revolution, and send them in small quantities, especially for the Free army, and partially allow these weapons to reach organizations that have ideological character.

Regiment. Malik al Cyndi than the Free Syrian army opens the way of weapons to Islamists in Syria before Muradyan Gaitandzhiev.
Regiment. Malik al Cyndi than the Free Syrian army opens the way of weapons to Islamists in Syria before Muradyan Gaitandzhiev.

– Do I understand correctly you service these 15 States vorhaut and financed al-Qaeda, is now happening in Syria?

– Of course, we can say that, but the world services to carry the controversial things. They can accuse someone of terrorism, and at the same time to support it to fulfill their specific purposes consistent with their policy, he did not even understand it.

– They are weapons to these terrorist groups in Syria?

– There are certain networks that directly these weapons as part of the steel supply in the General staff (the Free army). Another part of aid sent in the form of money to these organizations to buy weapons black market, or directly to weapons from services.

The goal of the General staff of the Syrian free army is the mediator between countries and groups. The weapon shall be on a prepared list, but the General staff can not make significant changes to them.


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