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Continuing the theme of the supply of weapons to militants in Syria through Bulgaria http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/3372549.html.

Dilyana Gaytandzhiev c

Below, the material of the Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandjieva, which elaborates on one of the schemes of the arms trade through the territory of her country, as she writes not for the first time.

Pay attention that the material exposing the weapons delivery is a Bulgarian. Note to those who like all Bulgarians to smear black paint on the basis of the policy of the Bulgarian government.

Not all Bulgarians agree with the policies of their government helps to Fund terrorism and this is why gun scheme are trying to keep secret from the Bulgarians themselves.

Bulgarian weapons get to the terrorists in Syria.

April 6, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The ship “Marianne Danica” under the flag of Denmark, arrived in the biggest port in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 10 days ago (on March 28), the same ship departed from the port of Burgas, loaded with tons of weapons, as demonstrated by the publication of “Labor” via the medium of online satellite tracking http://Marinetraffic.com

The ship declares that carries a very a dangerous cargo – Hazard A (Major), which, in accordance with the International classification of goods vehicles is considered as the cargo of explosives and weapons. Dangerous goods are unloaded and Jeddah and after 8 hours the “Marianne Danica” goes back to Burgas. Party of the Bulgarian weapons are not meant for Saudi Arabia that can’t use it because his army is only equipped with Western weapons.

In December of last year, “Labor” found a Bulgarian weapons https://goo.gl/MiIqSs manufactured by VMZ-Sopot warehouses jihadist “al-Nusra” in the East of Aleppo in Syria. “Al-Nusra” from the point of view of the UN is a terrorist organization for its links with “al-Qaeda”. Despite the ban on the export of arms to Syria, two million shells and rockets 4000 CITY of Bulgaria fell into the hands of jihadists in Aleppo, as shown by our investigation in Syria.


Boxes with labels in the Bulgarian language, meaning Bulgaria, as country of origin and the country of the sender, contain 122-mm rocket “Grad” with a range of up to several kilometers. They are among the deadliest for civilians in Aleppo in the fall in residential areas. In addition, these jihadists used the Bulgarian ammo caliber 73 mm anti-tank guns and shells of caliber 40 mm.

After our investigation the Prosecutor’s office started investigation of the case, and we were back on the trail of a Bulgarian arms – from the port where it is exported – Burgas.

It turns out that this is only one of the scheduled flights Burgas-Jeddah-Bourgas vessel “Marianne Danica” made in recent months. According to the archives of the site for satellite tracking http://Marinetraffic.com the same ship sailed from Burgas on 7 March and arrived at its final destination – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia March 17. Unloading after 12 hours of inactivity and back to Bulgaria. Arrival in Bourgas on March 28 at 9 am. In the morning, “Marianne Danica” loaded with a new batch of weapons and after 9:00 again sailed in the Saudi Kingdom. Flights are repeated without interruption, the ship is not stopped anywhere along the way. He stops only for a few hours in the ports of Burgas and Jeddah. During the month the ship made two trips to Saudi Arabia and returned to Bulgaria to new load.

“Work” was looking for a review of VMZ-Sopot, but despite repeated requests we have not received any response. Embassy of Saudi Arabia stated that it will not answer the question about where Saudi Arabia uses Bulgarian weapons acetogo the fact that the Bulgarian weapons are incompatible with military standard Arab Kingdom based in the Western weapons. In an exclusive interview with one of the leaders of the “Free Syrian army” which is an ally of the West in the struggle against the regime of Bashar al-Assad it was said that Saudi Arabia, together with another 15 country, supplying jihadists in Syria, supplying them with weapons under the pretext of helping the moderate opposition

http://www.chemring.co.uk/ – zinc

http://www.chemringordnance.com/ – zinc

https://www.orbitalatk.com/ – zinc

http://vmz.bg/ – zinc

Our research has shown that VMZ-Sopot has a contract for weapons from two us companies – CHEMRING and its subsidiary, Chemring Ordinance and Orbital ATK. Both companies fulfill orders of the US government. Chemring under the contract received two orders totaling $ 47 million last year for the supply of weapons, which does not meet the us standard (in the case of the Bulgarian arms) Program for the purchase of additional equipment and ammunition. In a statement on the Internet saying that the weapons purchased for the needs of the US and its allies. Another American company, Orbital ATK received a contract for the purchase non-us weapons worth 50 million dollars under the same program.Orbital ATK did not respond to a request for “Labor” on the supply of us international allies weapons from VMZ-Sopot. In response to “Labor” CHEMRING argued that the information is confidential and we were advised to go to VMZ-Sopot.

Company, ship owner H. Folmer & Co, also declined to comment. Our study has shown that this is not the first time the same ship was involved in transporting weapons to the areas of concern. According to Amnesty International the “Marianne Danica” supplied tear gas and other weapons to Egypt to Hosni Mubarak’s regime on 26 November 2011 during the Arab spring, when hundreds of protesters were killed by forces of President Mubarak in Tahrir square in Cairo.The ship was chartered by an American company, but after the scandal, a spokesman of the US state Department confirmed that an American company in this matter even obtained a license for such export.

From an interview with a representative of the Free Syrian Army Malik al-KARDi

– How to get weapons?

– There is a headquarters with the participation of 15 countries and it is located in Turkey and Jordan. Weapons comes to us through the headquarters, as we don’t care, it’s important just to get the weapon. We specifically warned the Americans and the Europeans in General that the weapons, which passes through the structure of the General staff of the Free army, is designed for organizations designated in the West as terrorist organizations. It’s a double game – on the one hand, these organizations are accused of terrorism, on the other hand, they are supplied with weapons through the General staff. It was surprising, and a shame for us, but this is still no explanation. Even the Free Syrian Army was deprived of arms and received very little. Those who received the weapons, was supposed to have a certain ideology. Under a certain ideology I mean radical Islamist ideology.

More than 15 foreign offices are working in the open air on the territory of Syria. Even the supply of weapons across the headquarters are under their control. At the head of this scheme are the United States, Britain, France and Gulf countries (Saudi Arabia, Qatar) and other countries. They control the sending and distribution of weapons, which comes to the revolutionary forces in small quantities, especially for the Free Syrian army, and allow the parts of this weapon fall into the hands of organizations with clear ideological nature.

– Do I understand correctly that what is happening in Syria, it support and funding in the 15 countries of “al-Qaeda”?

– Of course, we can say it, but the global goal prorastayut contradictory things. They can accuse anyone of terrorism and at the same time, to support it to fulfil its specific objectives, in accordance with their policy, without even realizing it.

– How you got these weapons for terrorist groups in Syria?

– There is a special network that deliver directly to these weapons within the framework of supply headquarters (the Free army). Another part of the aid sent in the form of money to these organizations to buy weapons on the black market, or directly receives weapons depending on rendered most important in this service. The goal of the General staff of the Syrian Free Army to be a mediator between vendor countries and military units. The weapon is considered prepared lists, but the General staff can not make significant changes.

https://goo.gl/i3xBSp the original Bulgarian

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