Loss and victory | Colonel Cassad



In Syria in the militant attack on the military garrison of government troops killed a Russian military adviser to Sergei Burgundy. This was announced by the defense Ministry.

As told in Department, he was part of a group of Russian military advisers and carried out tasks for the preparation of one of the units of the Syrian forces.
During the attack the militants, a Russian officer organized actions of Syrian troops, not allowing a breakthrough of terrorists in the residential town of”, — noted in the defense Ministry.

Burgundy submitted to the state award posthumously.

https://russian.rt.com/russia/news/380950-v-sirii-pogib-rossiiskii-voenniy – zinc

PS. Previous reports of the deaths of two military in the Northern Hama RF Ministry of defense denied.

Rest in peace.

C92twPaUIAEBkeO.jpg large.jpeg

It should also be noted that today, after days of bloody fighting of the SAA, with the support of VKS have taken Tabiat al-Imam. Having repulsed in the preceding days, a number of powerful counterattacks “Al-Nusra”, the morning of the assault team began the final assault on the city, which was a success. The enemy was driven out of the city and moved Northwest.

After the evacuation of the enclaves, the situation to the North-West of Damascus looks like.


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