Baghdadi captured? | Colonel Cassad

Briefly about the information that the Syrian-Iraqi border, arrested the “Great Caliph” Baghdadi.

In the media received information with reference to the management information service under the Security Committee and the UN that on April 2 during the operation of the Russian and Syrian intelligence, was arrested the head of Islamic State, who allegedly tried to enter Syria from Mosul. Now Baghdadi allegedly alive and in custody.

No details of the operation are given. The official comments also available.

It is worth remembering that Baghdadi for some time now not been seen in public, knowing that it is a hunting. The lack of information about the location of Baghdadi and his long periods of silence, occasionally livened up by a wave of rumors that he was “killed”, “wounded”, “fled to Libya”, “left Syria and handed over the reins to others.” So we cannot exclude that this information about “capture of Baghdad” may be the stuffing, especially if you consider the simple fact that the Syrian-Iraqi border, Assad is not particularly controlled.On the other hand, if the Russian and Syrian intelligence was able to go to Baghdad and to prepare a trap for him into which he fell while attempting to cross the border, the situation itself looks incredible.

If Baghdadi was really caught, it is a great success – everything is as if in 1945 near Berlin caught a live Hitler.

However, I think we should wait for official statements from our or the Syrian intelligence services. It is possible that this is another element of the information war against the Caliphate in order to undermine the morale of fighters who stubbornly continue to defend the Western part of Mosul.

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It is worth reminding that the battle for Mosul has been ongoing for more than six months and until completion not close, although strategically the rebels are in a hopeless situation.

The undermining of the morale of the militants in the Western part of the city, one of the ways to accelerate the liberation of Mosul.


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