League of super villains | Colonel Cassad


NKVD officer


One word about the suggestion of Boris Johnson, who urged Russia to join the Western coalition against the Caliphate.

Johnson recently screwed up pretty bad when he demonstrated that the British policy is completely dependent on Washington, after which he was immediately branded lap dog of the Americans, about which was asked reasonable questions – why should Britain have a foreign policy and a Minister, if all the decisions are made in the White House and the state Department. Various loud statements against Russia, or Assad, as not much beaten out of mainstream American politics. And so Johnson decided to take matters into their own hands, continuing to speak in absentia, the debate Safrankova and Raycroft the UN security Council.

Proposal Johnson is simple – there is a wonderful American coalition in the war with the Caliphate. And there are bad people coalition, which is Russia with a number of “failed States”. Russia must drop its “bad coalition” and vtupuyu in “good”, where they the United States and Britain. The Russian coalition was explicitly called the “League of supervillains”. In fact, even in this, Johnson was a complete trafaretka – similar proposal a few days ago voiced by American officials (in particular, the press Secretary of the White House), which vaguely promised Russia cooperation, if she decides to stop supporting Syria and will break with Iran.

As you know, on the official level, the proposal is rejected after the visit Tillerson at the official level as well nothing in this matter has not changed and Russia continues to play by its own rules within its coalition.

There is an opinion that proposal and Johnson sent to the known address. The point here is that the proposal – throw a coalition, let our is, in fact, offers a mild capitulation, where from the point of view of the US and Britain Russia can afford to save face, taking in a number (at least formally) rukopozhatnyh States.But in practice, Russia under this option will simply lose all their positions in the middle East without getting anything in return (c IG it can to fight without the Americans with the British), the conflict with the West over Ukraine is not going anywhere, and there requirements are also very specific – take the Donbass and the Crimea, and we will clap you on the shoulder as Gorbachev. Maybe. Probably.

Therefore, the fate of these “proposals” and “persuasion” to urge Russia “to the light side of the force” have not been successful and have not. Especially when they come from Johnson, which in this situation may be seen as just another messenger, delivering the news from Washington. Why with him is to discuss General, if you have the opportunity to directly speak with those from whom these proposals come. Therefore, I would suggest that Britain will get a polite “super villain” failure. And maybe not very polite.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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