Kim Jong stood on the principle | Colonel Cassad



Kim Jong-UN decided to go on principle (Hello to all those who wrote yesterday, saying “Kim was scared”) and has conducted the promised testing of ballistic missiles, even though warmongering the rhetoric of Washington and exhortations of Beijing.
Promising US that in the case of attack on the DPRK, North Korean missiles will fly to South Korea and Japan, North Korea, as promised, has launched its new ballistic missile. In case of successful start, it could put US in a very awkward position, but the rocket almost immediately after the start, was faced with technical problems and exploded. South Korea’s military suggest that it could be a ballistic missile medium-range KN-15 or its upgraded version .

In Seoul at the start, immediately convened the security Council to discuss further action. Japan reported that there were no threats the country is not. You have to understand that a consensus would be significantly higher if the start was successful and the rocket flew in the direction of Japan. Americans still think that with all this to do now, because to intimidate the DPRK that it has postponed the launch failed.

In the end, Kim Jong-UN did everything he promised, completely unfazed by threats from Washington. Promised that he would conduct the tests and finally conducted. Another issue is that North Korea is not all the tests are successful and missiles periodically fall or explode at the start. The United States also face a dilemma: to pretend that the failed tests are not considered and do nothing or try to implement one of the previously articulated threats. If nothing, then Kim at the end of the crisis will remain in the win, prodemonstrirovat slack in the actions of trump.


Stauffenberg was Right!

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