Day X-1 | Colonel Cassad



Day X. when the DPRK may undertake a new missile (and possibly nuclear) test, which may result in a U.S. attack on the DPRK as both sides continues to escalate the alarmist rhetoric.

1. The Chinese foreign Ministry despite all US efforts to involve China in attempt to solve the North Korean question officially stated that in the case of attack on the DPRK and start a full-scale war, “there would be no winners,” China urged to stop and think, while current events are not logged in “irreversible phase”.

2. In turn, the DPRK foreign Ministry declared that North Korea is not obliged to wait when it will strike and may strike a preventive nuclear attack on US forces in the region and ready to respond “in any desired for the United States.”

It was also stated that North Korea will conduct a nuclear test when she deems it necessary.

3. In the American press continues provocative leaks about the “impact on staff” and “landing to assassinate Kim Jong Yny”, as well as reasoning about how to overthrow the regime in North Korea. American official bodies distanced themselves from these provocative statements.

4. The naval group, the US Navy has almost finished concentration, Japanese destroyers already operating in conjunction with the American ships. At air bases in Japan us air force is in a state of readiness. The commander of the marine corps of South Korea called “mercilessly avenge” in that case, if the DPRK in response, will hit South Korea.

5. The Kremlin said concerns about the situation on the Korean Peninsula and encouraged the parties to avoid provocative steps. Russia as previously urged the parties resolve the issues through negotiations.

6. Experts of the RAS, spoke about the potential of a radioactive cloud in the event of war with use of nuclear weapons mainly affected the two Koreas, China and Japan. Russia according to them almost without touching.

7. The Prime Minister of Japan expressed concern about the DPRK has the potential to equip their missile warheads with sarin.

8. It is worth noting that the situation on the Korean Peninsula could become a cover for intensified military action in Ukraine. Turchinov broke new aggressive statements in the style “we will hold the operation of oluja”. Active movement of mechanized reserves, the AFU also contribute to the tension. In principle, if events in Korea will be out of control, the impact of the APU on Donbass I wouldn’t call incredible.Similarly, a new Korean war may have an impact on further intensification of the fighting in Syria and strengthen the involvement of the armed forces of foreign States in the Syrian war.

At the moment, the US and North Korea go to the maximum principle, than narrow the solution space – if North Korea will give up nuclear tests – it will look like weakness and a concession to us imperialism. But if the United States refuses the shot, then it will appear as weakness and concession to the North Korean regime. The parties themselves are driving themselves into a situation where good choices may not be. Hence the warnings from Moscow and Beijing understand that the risk of a real war, not zero.



Air situation around the DPRK by April 15. Today (roughly early in the morning) must pass either missile or nuclear tests + parade in Pyongyang.
The evening of 14 April, the General staff of the DPRK stated that the main objectives in the event of an attack on North Korea will be US bases in South Korea and Japan and the presidential Palace in Seoul. The same will be attacked Aug “Carl Vinson”. Test and the holiday the assurances of the Koreans go according to plan. Any, even minimal movement in the position of the DPRK is not observed – the Koreans consider themselves своеv law and ready to defend their vision of the situation and their way of life by force of arms, including weapons of mass destruction.

In the U.S. there was another leak, again with reference to an anonymous military source.

The us military does not currently plan to strike on North Korea if the country will hold new nuclear or missile tests, said on Friday the Agency Associated Press, citing a military source in the United States. Thus the interlocutor of the Agency stressed that plans could change if North Korea attempts to launch missiles at South Korea, Japan or the United States.The US authorities hope that Moscow and Beijing are going to support additional sanctions against North Korea if the country will conduct another nuclear test, according to пятницуAssociated Press, citing unnamed representatives of the us administration.
“Officials (if) I hope that China and Russia will agree to tougher UN sanctions against North Korea if the country will conduct another nuclear test,” – said the Agency. zinc

On the one hand, it can be banal the disinformation to hide their true intentions, as it is quite obvious that if the DPRK not to push it any of the neighbors to attack, of course not, the benefit in contrast to the USA, Korea since 1953, no one fought. On the other hand, the risk of uncontrolled war in the region have yet to deter the White House from the obvious military gamble with unpredictable consequences.

The problem is that if all goes well, alakazam “unnamed source”, the DPRK tomorrow will be to say that only its strong position stopped the aggressor, and the position Kim was in the country very much strengthened. Well, trump will look like a person who has brought the club but not hit. As often happened with Obama. But the second option is still better than the first, where the General staff of the DPRK will have the opportunity to implement their threats. The former head of the Pentagon Leon Panetta has urged trump not to do stupid things.

Eventually, someone will have to give in and show weakness. The wait is long.

Well, Koreans can be congratulated on the 105th birthday of Kim Il sung.

Kim Il sung and Kim Jong Suk.

And this is their son, the future leader of the DPRK Kim Jong Il.

And this is the son and grandson of Kim Il sung. Grandson today have to go through one of the most serious crises in the recent history of the DPRK. at a lot of pictures dedicated to Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong Il
The Village Of Fools

All of a sudden. Live from Pyongyang.



In case war breaks out, there is likely to be announced. And if the war is not (as is likely), you will see a military parade, dedicated to 105-th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il sung.
I went to bed.


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