Day X-3 | Colonel Cassad


Video Carrier battle Group, “Carl Vinson” moving to the shores of Korea + training American troops deployed on the territory of South Korea.



1. North Korea’s preparations for this event by April 15, which periodically appear as mobilization. However, the full combat readiness or mobilization has not yet been announced, but that does not prevent the spread of rumors about the upcoming evacuation of Pyongyang and the deployment of Chinese troops North of the Yalu river, to deter refugees who may move to China in the event of a full-scale war.

2. Chinese President XI Jinping said that the issue of North Korea should be solved in line with diplomatic negotiations and by peaceful means. In the DPRK at this stage demonstrate a desire to play back. Moreover, the threat to the United States served with sauce that all this is to show the pattern of Kim Jong-UN and the DPRK will never trade its sovereignty in the face of threats of Western imperialists and their South Korean puppets.

3. The White House said it was sent to the coast of the DPRK “powerful Armada”. In addition to ships of the 7th fleet of the US and Aug “Carl Vinson”, it was announced today that the area a potential theater of operations is the submarine type “Ohio”. As the American squadron will join Japanese destroyers, which in theory will allow you to make the DPRK a few hundred Tomahawk missiles, in case it comes to that.

4. Japanese and South Korean press a little bit hysterical, because there are well aware that if the situation gets out of control, affected not only Kim. Today actively exaggerated the theme of submarines North Korea is able to launch missiles from a submerged position. Experiments on this subject, the North Koreans were engaged in recent years (with varying success).There is still quite the apocalyptic scenario is that nuclear warheads may have been shipped on submarines and undermined in a submerged position in the area of the ports of South Korea and Japan that will lead to both radioactive contamination and tsunami, in the spirit of Sakharov. Of course, revived the theme and North Korean chem.weapons that even a normal delivery vehicles it is possible to throw at least to Seoul.Anyway, the war on the Korean Peninsula in scope and number of casualties can quickly cover many years of the meat grinder in Syria, so I would like to believe that reason will prevail.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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