The Ultimatum from Tillerson | Colonel Cassad


Briefly about the ultimatum Tillerson.

We want to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people. Russia can be part of such a future and to play an important role in it. Or Russia can continue to support the band (the Assad regime, Iran. – “Газета.Ru”), which, we believe, would not be in the interests of Russia in the long term,” he said. According to Tillerson in Washington do not make predictions about the timing of the settlement of the Syrian conflict, but the West is sure that the authorities in Damascus will eventually be replaced. “We all understand that the rule of the family of Assad coming to an end”, — concluded the Secretary of state. – zinc

It is not difficult to see that Russia as before offers a simple choice between the continuation of the Cold war and peace. Exactly the same thing that Russia offered on the Crimea and Donbass.
The reason for this is pretty trivial – no matter how wanted the Russian elite to integrate into the Western world, does not take them back, and in this respect everything that happens in 2014, it is extended in time disaster Westernism in Russia. Standing in the way of carrying out the subject of foreign policy, which undermines globalist world order, Russia has found itself in a situation when her identity was challenged during the wars in Ukraine and Syria. To deprive Russia of this subjectivity is one of the goals of the Cold war waged by the United States.Accordingly, that suggested Obama with regard to Ukraine, Tillerson offers with regard to Syria. As before, the American proposals involve the fork decision and choose the offer between surrender and war.

It is quite clear that the open surrender of Assad, especially after the sacrifices (today, the defense Ministry announced two more dead), wasted resources and diplomatic efforts, will be nothing but surrender . The withdrawal of troops, the cessation of military support, the termination of cooperation with Iran – all this immediately and decisively will undermine the position of Russia in the middle East.

We are not talking about the unconditional or partial support for Assad. Russia is trying to get away from a position occupied in 2015 that Assad until the end of the war, the President, and his fate is being decided in the elections after the war. This point of view Russia promoted at all sites, and partially she managed to achieve what some players took it as working.Current attempts associated with provocation in Khan Sheyhun, designed to destroy these diplomatic grounds and return to the discussion of the resignation of Assad before the war that primarily has the interests of Russia and Iran and are nothing but an attempt to return to the main agenda of the thesis “Assad must go”, which brings us back to the inertial rate of the Obama. Simultaneously, with the filing of Israel are attempts to destroy a bunch of Russia-Iran, which seriously hinder the plans of the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia in the middle East.

And both sides are well aware, it is extremely unlikely that such an ultimatum would be accepted, moreover, that similar ultimatums on Donbass and Crimea by the Kremlin rejected. In the case of Syria. even the issue of sanctions is not relevant, since most of them are introduced for the Donbass and the Crimea, and nobody is going to cancel before the “implementation of the Minsk agreements”. Rather, the new Syria will enter, than the old one canceled.The US essentially has nothing to offer but promises “a Pat on the back” and of new threats, so if the parties agree during the meeting at the level of heads of diplomatic missions or mid-term meeting of Putin and trump, in the coming months, it is possible to further escalation of relations between the US and Russia, which will affect not only Syria, but also other existing and future theater.

PS. In the Kremlin in response to these ultimatums and threats commented, saying that “Boring girls”, Russia is ready to suffer another bout of hysteria on the subject of Assad and will be added to the investigation provocation in Khan Sheyhun. The Ministry of Defence said that they know that they’re preparing another provocation with the chemical arms in order to justify new attacks on Syria


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