Distraction | Colonel Cassad


Tyrion Lannister

Briefly on the subject of reports and statements that the strikes on the Shayrat, trump pushed his daughter Ivanka, who did not like staged shots of “White helmets”,

It seems, this is a kind of cover operation. Regardless of – whether the blows of the element of the collusion of the US and Russia to correct the rating of trump USA trump or Vice versa caved and now he will be in practice to pursue an aggressive foreign policy in the spirit of Clinton – in both cases he needs to keep his supporters, who turned out to be mildly upset with Trump. Some have already broken up with trump, others say that if he continues in the same spirit, to bend to the neocons and globalists, then they too will cease to support.

Here also need Ivanka, to take fire, to take some of the heat from trump, as both main motives that Trump is credited with the (globalist and Russian), hit by its positions in the American establishment, and disrupt his supporters. It is better to look impulsive father under “nepotism” rather than a weak politician who caved in to the globalists and the defense industry forced to betray all the things for which he stood. or behind-the-scenes Wheeler-dealer acceptable to the staging of strikes.And so, some critics will go to Ivanka and son-in-law (which, as the example of Jones, you can blame the “good king, bad boyars”), and you can stick “this my daughter asked” and “I couldn’t bear to look at these shots”, and not “it’s deep state” urged or “Putin agreed, because compromising”. Overall, judging by the hype in the press, the scheme works and discuss the motives trump has been a partial switch to Ivanka, although some mainstream media are still calling for “more hits” and check the question “are strikes, bad staging in collusion with the Russians.” As far as this campaign drags on, it will be clear after the meeting of Lavrov and Tillerson in Moscow. In the meantime, the challenge is to extinguish with the help of Ivanka of the criticism at home.

In propaganda this is called a “Distraction”,


Stauffenberg was Right!

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