The attacks in Tanta and Alexandria | Colonel Cassad



In anticipation of the holiday season Vilayat Sinai attacked Egypt in order to remind you that this country is not safe.

The man is 30-35 years old in a brown jacket and tie, black boots went to Church, went to the first row of the Church and immediately detonated a suicide vest,” — said the newspaper “al-Ahram” referring to eyewitnesses.

Among the victims of the explosion at a Church in Tanta 9 the Ministers of the Church. Investigators have seized records from surveillance cameras. The area of the explosion cordoned off by police. Check the area for other explosive devices. Media reported about the detention of several suspected of involvement in the explosion. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has ordered military hospitals to receive the victims.
Later, a suicide bomber tried to enter the Church in Alexandria, where he conducted a festive service, the Patriarch of the Coptic Church has Tawadros II.

Victims in Alexandria could be much higher if the bomber was stopped by the police officer whose kind of a stranger aroused suspicion. The result is an explosive device was detonated at the entrance to the temple. Guardian of order was killed. Patriarch Tawadros II not to potrugal. zinc

In twante – 25 killed, 78 wounded.

In Alexandria – 17 killed, 66 wounded. – video (warning 18+).

Almost immediately the Caliphate claimed responsibility for another attack. And, just yesterday, Egyptian security forces reported that they had covered the warehouse with explosives and homemade bombs.

It is obvious that the strikes are an attempt by DAESH to make up for losses in battles with the Egyptian army in the Sinai Peninsula, where the army and security forces struggling to cauterize the ulcer of the Caliphate of the sparsely populated areas of the Sinai. In late March, the army conducted a successful RAID in the mountainous areas, the result of which was eliminated several militants, and 30 captured.

In this fight the parties shall bear the loss, but the Egyptians due to the superiority in numbers and equipment, in General, have the upper hand over the militants, who are unable to defeat the Egyptians (though the military, they are biting), and therefore choose their goals of government officials, Christians, the objects of tourist infrastructure. Another brutal terrorist attacks remind us that the problem of the Caliphate can be solved only by the destruction of its organizational institutions and the physical liquidation of members of the organization.

Below, pictures of the war in the Sinai. This war is certainly in the shadow of the Syrian war, but to forget about it not worth it, because Egypt at this stage plays an important moderating role, preventing the Caliphate to spread its influence in North Africa and not allowing full use of the land of Egypt for the development of springboard from which the Caliphate could start its expansion in the North-East of Africa.

Documents Egyptian policemen killed by militants of al-Arish.

In controlled areas, the militants traditionally tow packs of cigarettes and break old TVs.

Already “traditional” destroy the graves and monuments.

Campaigning in the village.

Kill people who refuse to cooperate with them or help authorities.

Underground tunnel in Gaza.

Captured fighters.

Photos with the corpses didn’t upload, who should find himself. In March the Egyptians shall rest in the order of 120 to 150 fighters, more than 100 taken prisoner.

Stauffenberg was Right!

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